Another Wardens Call Fix

Another Wardens Call Fix

Changes Temporal Warden's - Warden's Call talent to solve memory issues
and make the game enjoyable & playable with Temporal Wardens with Threaded Combat. Added compatibility to adventurer builds.

Updated to fix some issues with tradewind rider's fix

Warden's Call now do not create a new actor (paradox clone) on each trigger,
but instead the player will instantly make a forced attack against the target.

The conditions for triggering are the same as for the paradox clones,
and during these forced attacks, the player:

- do warden swap
- moved to the locations, so it's not a teleport
- invulnerable
- has all effect immunity
- do not consume ammo
- reset weapon folding cooldowns
- making the forced attack with the same generic damage penalty when it is melee
- extra chance to not make a ranged attack equal to the damage penalty, since the damage penalty doesn't seem to work for arrows
- moved back
- do warden swap back <-Update: swap weapon if a swap did occur, fixes some problems when non-dual wielding/ not using bows
- TODO: restore weapon folding cooldows

I hope this solves the issues and making the game with Temporal Wardens more enjoyable. :)
The added changes make this talent mostly compatible with adventureres as well.

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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some improvements 1.7.0 2023-01-29 14:59
Initial version 1.7.0 2022-07-20 10:19