bazaar fix

bazaar fix

Addon for bazaar mod ( will not do anything without it) to fix some issues and conflicts with mods:
Currently adds toggle-able option to allow stealth from either/or verdent class pack(werebeast class) or phantom class to be used for the odds of unlocking a item.

This mod attempts to add checks so that the bazaar town does not remove the first party member after completely the quest (so that party member to not get removed and sold for 150 gold after the quest is complete or done)
Attempts to make it only target the quests party member have not been successful so far. (this means you should remove all your gear from your party members before entering that town if they are the first non golem party member)

bazaar fix forum discussion thread
See addon usage in the character's vault.
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atm it seems my overloads for this are not working at all

The overloads i did should be taking effect but the do not seem to want to override the bazaars code as intended (at least the workaround for the party removal code). If I can figure it out I'll change the code to hook the changes later if I can manage such.

Update coming soon that will hook the changes completely to file

Going to use a different method so that game will properly load these changes using a hook method.

Can not find hooks needed to hook in the zone and room changes

So far attempting to hook in the changes has been unsuccessful since their might not be hooks for those yet. I'll upload a update once i can get a proper hook into it.
class:bindHook("ToME:load", function(self, data)
if config.settings.tome.bazaarfix_fix_bazaar_quest_complete_check == "yes" then
-- Zone:loadDefinition("/data-bazaar/zones/bazaar/zone.lua")
if config.settings.tome.bazaarfix_fix_bazaar_addon_stealth_checks == "yes" then
-- Generator:loadDefinition("/data-bazaar/rooms/bazaar.lua")

Fixed most of it

Changed the overload to direct to the mod but it still has has issue with removing party members (stealth check additions are working).