Clean UI

Clean UI

Replaces default interface styles with cleaner versions to enhance readability.

First release focuses primarily on replacing everything related to the default interface styles in the base game.

Future releases will enhance individual styles and take care of minor tweaks.

Content consists of only graphic assets to try and have the highest possible compatibility with future patches.

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Clean UI 1.7.2 2021-01-07 19:30

suggestion for customisation

I really liked the style of inventory and talent page.. but the health bars etc were not to my taste.
So I'd like options that only replace the aspects I want replaced. I would love to see this applied to the mod if possible.. Great work overall tho.

I really love that UI

Thank you for this nice addon!
I second that I would like to see a highlight of the items in the inventory, so we don't need to look at the tooltip or where the cursor is at. Thank you!
Edit: Sorry, it's indeed only missing in the transmog chest.


Wow. What a good job. Will be using this forever.

There is one slight problem. eq in the transmog chest does not have a distinguishable highlight state. which is to say that if you are browsing eq in the transmog chest and mouse over or click on something, there is no discernable change in state. You have to rely on the tooltip. While this ought to be fixed (if its not just me), it hardly detracts from the work.

Always happy to see new

Always happy to see new quality of life (or even graphics) mods for this game.