Convenient Digging

Convenient Digging

This addon makes the digging interface less terrible by changing Dig to a costless sustain. While sustained, you can move into a wall and it will be dug automatically (taking the same amount of time as it would to dig the wall without this addon).


This addon uses the ToME:load hook to overwrite the Dig talent.

Weight: 193846

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Name Module Version Required Released File
Finally fix unwanted digging attempts 1.5.5 2018-03-09 21:51
Convenient Digging 1.0.0 1.5.5 2017-07-26 20:12

I downloaded this addon

I downloaded this addon thinking that it was a good idea and then promptly forgot about it. After I "knocked down" a bamboo wall while exploring, I thought to myself, Huh, that's a creative bit of terrain destruction; I didn 't know I could do that. Then I realized what *actually* happened--this addon was working beautifully. This should probably be included in the base game.

Bless you

This is the addon we all needed without even realizing it. :)


This is exactly what I've wanted! An easier way to dig long distances instead of having to do that tedious activation and choose square all the time.