Weapons Pack

Weapons Pack

This adds new weapon types and egos to the game.

- Tridents are unchanged, but generate more often.
- Whips can now generate normally, and their accuracy bonus now slows the target.
- Swordbreakers are weak knives that have a chance to disarm on hit, and give bonuses to dual weapon defense.
- Rapiers are 1h weapons that use dagger mastery and rely on strength, dexterity, and cunning.
- Bucklers are light shields that can greatly increase your defense and give you faster attacks against those who miss you in melee.
- Buckler offense tree at varying levels of access for 5 or so classes. Skirmishers start with a buckler.
- Spears/Greatspears are slow weapons that can attack from a distance.
- Clubs/Greatclubs are maces that can pick up mindstar egos.
- Throwing knives can be used in melee or as a short ranged attack with the shoot talent.
- Daggers will now use the higher of strength or cunning if you don't have Lethality.
- Mindslayers can now equip ranged weapons in their psionic focus slot.
- Aurastones are magic-based items that can be equipped to modify your unarmed attacks.
- Magic Weapon Mastery applies to staves, aurastones, and sceptres, and can be learned in Angolwen.

Most of the stuff here can be individually turned on/off in the Game Options menu. So you could use this addon just for the extra tridents if you really wanted to.

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Name Module Version Required Released File
fixes 1.2.4 2014-11-03 01:17
Compatability Fix. 1.2.4 2014-10-27 06:00
Bucklers Blocking 1.2.4 2014-10-24 06:54
Fixes 1.2.3 2014-10-17 04:58
Shield Fix 1.2.3 2014-09-23 09:21
Spear + Mindstar Fix. 1.2.3 2014-09-05 23:52
Talented Weapons 1.2.3 2014-08-31 14:29
yay fixes 1.2.3 2014-08-01 05:22
Damage Update 1.2.3 2014-07-10 08:44
merchant fixes 1.2.2 2014-07-06 05:19

Sai not psi?

i am not certain it's what you mean by psi but the martial art weapon is spelled sai. the little dagger with a round blade and a prong on either side of the gaurd. used both offensively like a dagger and as a trapping, disarming or even weapon breaking tool? it's a Sai. they can be used singly or one in each hand or in combination with another one handed weapon.

Psi not sai.

Psi as in psionic, as it modifies how weapons work when wielded psionically.

Sai *and* psi?

Now I kind of wish you'd implement a Psi Sai :(


I agree about the Sai, but if it helps, just call it a sword-breaker, which while slightly differing in graphic, is functionally the same piece of equipment.
On to my topic:
Aura Stones, Perhaps there could be more data in the description? Does it add dmg? If so, can you hook its calculations in the description to help calculate its effects in the tool tip?
I am only at the design stages of my mods, so my engine expertise is barely level 1, but it seems like it could be made to utilize the wep comparison mod that compares equipment with the CTRL key if the code is properly implemented...
Pending that being idea an impossibility, and w/o digging through files, I am pondering the actual effectiveness of utilizing the stone sitting in my pack.

Thanks for the great mod, and keep'em coming.


Aura Stones are an 'unarmed'

Aura Stones are an 'unarmed' type weapon - as such, their stats will only show up if you're an unarmed type, just like the damage on gloves.