Inferno Forger

Inferno Forger

Adds the Inferno Forger, a tinker class. As steamtech swept over Maj'Eyal, some mages adapted to it. Similar to Psyshots, these so-called Inferno Forgers use steampower to enhance their own powers - in this case, fire magic.

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
Blacksmith & the Pretty Icons 1.6.7 2020-12-04 01:13
The 1.6 update! 1.6.7 2020-07-14 18:27
Inferno Forger v1.0.1 1.5.0 2018-05-16 03:00
Inferno Forger v1.0.0 1.5.0 2018-05-16 01:52

An oversight I noticed

This is a super cool class, messing around with it a bunch was fun, fun enough in fact that I didn't notice that despite being a tinker class, it doesn't seem to spawn with an A.P.E., and I wasn't getting any ingredients for making tinkers with at all as a result. I'm not entirely sure if this is an oversight with the mod or a mod conflict on my end, but I thought I'd let you know. I'm going to have a peek around and see if it's something I can narrow down myself.

EDIT: it seems to work fine now, so it was a mod conflict. That said, I do have a suggestion to the mod; most classes talent categories are usually 1.3x or 1.1x to differ them from the flat 1.0x that adventurers get, and it's a little weird that all the new talent trees of this class are 1.0x. Is there a specific reason for that? I feel like it'd work just fine with them a bit higher.

notes on newer version

Still quite strong . I had some difficulties at mid-levels, but both low and very high levels it's very solid. Agree with the guy above about difficulties in getting close - none of the class abilities allow neither long jumps nor long pulls. Almost took Giant Leap prodigy just for this.%)) With no ranged attack longer than 5, it seems like you need to either use some charms (with no Surviival), pick up some guns (withh no mastery), or buy a Staff tree (which partially duplicates what yyou already have). At very high levels you can survive trying jump-then-pull combo or just activate Rocket Boots and run on enemy while eating his fire, though. Still bothersome, however. The Fire-n-Shadow tree became quite strong, though I still didn't figure up just how it works from descripitions..%( Including: the 3rd talent allows you to damage all enemies in range 10 who are under your Shadow Blaze - but you don't have ways to apply the latter at long ranges. Is it just for rare cases when you were knocked away, etc.? Mechanized Combat is quite strong, but it's 4th talent was functionally useless to me: taking a turn to activate it just for 4 rounds? Weak enemies weren't worth it as they were just killed in a couple of attacks anyway, while against strong ones I almost never had a luxury to spend a round on this instead of attacking, healing or running away.. Also, is it planned for the class to just use unarmed combat after getting this mastery to fight against fire-immune enemies? I cursed all that is holy when I fought the first Luminous Horror I met in some vault...%)) Fortunately, after getting Fire-n-Shadow for darkness damage PLUS taking a short staff as main had and a good saw (without mastery) as off-haand, I was able to kill it (and even a Blazing Horror much later) - but it was still quite a chore. Didn't try Gems tree this time, though it seems to be a good choice for debuffs and fire penetration. Liked how Shadows work now, though - but descriptions could probably be clearer... This was Insane/Adventure, by the way, with 2 deaths at mid-levels.

Cool class! One bug though:

Cool class! I played a pure non-melee build, which started out breathing fire like a dragon and grew into being a walking fireball. One bug though: Sustained talents deactivate and reactivate when changing zone. When this happens, one of the sustained talents damages the player temporarily. While the damage is quickly reset, it's possible to die from self-nuking. With the class being what it is, maybe that 's a roleplaying feature?

Trying to understand Inferno Forger and experiences

Yesterday started playing the class. Had a lot of fun. If you like fire, setting things on fire, napalm napalm napalm just to be sure, then this class is for you.

It is a ranged/melee hybrid

Please check out the game I played;

My experience was on the main campaign.

Somethings to note;
1. With the arrangement of the skills, I am not sure what builds the creator had in mind. Being a napalm flamethrower specialist is the biggest draw of this class. You could also be a melee firebender.
With melee and ranged mixed, I am not sure about the synergy of the abilities.
2. It is ranged, but no too ranged. With my selection of skills, I had alot of difficulty in attacking long ranged enemies. Especially with those kinds of bosses, they are deadly. How about getting closer you asked?
3. Getting closer is difficult. The only movement skill you have at the beginning is Jet propulsion, but you burn yourself. Whatis the deal with that?
4. Great with crowds. Difficulty with bosses – Could easily wade through the scanliating fores, but the crystal boss easily killed me. What?
5. Tinker schematics of the gunslinger is useless to me; 3 or 4 of tier 1 bullets. This means abilities I cannot use.
6. Loot useless to me. Guns, mechanical saws. Great for the other tinker classes, but useless to me.
7. How do you deal with fire resistant enemies?
8 Some skill descriptions are diffcult to undestand, especially about damage calculation.
9. If you use fire and staves, do you deal more damage with fire gaunlet skill?