QuickTome: Melinda Tweaks

QuickTome: Melinda Tweaks

This addon is part of the QuickTome addon set.

This addon makes two simple changes:
- You receive the reward for completing "The Sect of Kryl-Feijan" immediately, instead of having to go to Last Hope first. The quality of the artifact may be slightly higher in some cases, but since it's given immediately, you can't wait and gain more levels to improve it like you could with the original version.
- The NPCs in South Beach no longer give experience, items, or gold, removing the gameplay benefits of doing that sidequest.


This addon is guaranteed to be compatible with the rest of the QuickTome set. If it isn't, that is a bug and should be reported.

This addon OVERLOADS these files:

It will not be compatible with other addons that touch those files.

Weight: 216625

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QuickTome: Melinda Tweaks 1.3.1 2015-09-19 03:39