Select your Escorts

Select your Escorts

Allows you to choose which escorts you will encounter at the start of the game.
You may change the future encounters in the game menu (Esc).

There is an option to choose a random escort in case you just wanted to guarantee some unlocks before continuing with the base game's behavior.

Note: You're only supposed to be able to choose the lost tinker once. (Must have the Embers of Rage DLC and unlocked by playing in the Orcs campaign)
Note: Unfortunately the only time that addons can get the possible escort types is after the random escort quest is assigned.
This means escorts added by other addons will not be available for selection, but will still be possible to find using the random selection.

To reach me faster, please leave a message on the Steam Workshop page. I don't get notifications on so I may take longer to reply.

Select your Escorts on Steam's Workshop
See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Not working since 1.7

I still have the bug you fixed in 2.3.1, my selection is ignored.
I'm running Tome and your addon up to date.
By the way the most important addon for me, thanks for the work!
Sorry for the double post, don't know how that happened.

Not working since 1.7

I still have the bug you fixed in 2.3.1, my selection is ignored.
I'm running Tome and your addon up to date.
By the way the most important addon for me, thanks for the work!
Sorry for the double post, don't know how that happened.

Betrayal does not work on load


If I load a save where you already agreed to help an escort and have chosen to betray to zigur..then your game crashes and you load again...and finish the will get the no betrayal reward..which sucks..if you are like me planning on specific rewards and get a useless reward,

Hi, I believe that is a bug

Hi, I believe that is a bug in the base game.

The workaround is to save the game manually after you've selected the option.

This addon used to make a save after the choice back when it was overloading the escort chat, but it no longer overloads it.

having tinker as next escort

having tinker as next escort in ID completely locks the game up, only using this + official addons
actually tinker might not even be able to spawn, 30+ tries without one

Error in 2.1.1

Getting an error instead of my second escort

I also get an error when I attempt to click on the settings option

Thanks for making the mod this really helps out in planning out some builds specifically that tinker.

Can you link your character

Thanks for attaching a screenshot of the error.

Can you link your character or any other addons you're using?

Do you get the same issue (on a new character) if you disable those? If you can narrow it down to the conflicting addon I may be able to make this addon compatible.

From the error, it looks like the game state is missing the variables I use to keep track of your selections. Can you upload your character save so I can inspect it? (on Windows it is located at C:\Users\YourName\T-Engine\4.0\tome\save\)

Here you go is a link to my character page. And here is a link to my google drive upload of my save I did click on the menu item for the mod just to see what it was after I saved the first escort but before the second one. The second one being the one this error occurred at if that helps narrow it down, the first escort had no issues.

I haven't tried testing it with other characters yet.


Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation without access to my development computer.
I inspected your save and the game state variables that I use are missing.

I'm going to try to reproduce it, but these steps don't give me an error with the addons I currently have applied:

1. Select all 9 escort types at game start.
2. Lead 1 escort to the portal.
3. Open game menu (Esc) and select the "Addon: Select your Escorts (again)" item.
4. Select the 8 remaining escorts.
5. Find another escort.

Do you remember if you did anything else or if anything else occurred? Ex. terminating the game (or the game crashing) or exiting the game/loading it.

Not really

I was on the world map when I opened the menu option, don't see why that would matter but it might. I don't think I modified my selections and just closed the dialog box but otherwise can't think of anything else specific that I did. I do remember an error being thrown but can't remember exactly which error, I didn't think much of it at the time since I hadn't yet found any other escorts.

How did you close the dialog?

Hmm in 2.1.1 I don't have an option to close the dialog without modifying your selections. The only choices are to manually reselect the remaining escorts, or set them all to random.
Are you sure that's the version you have installed? In an earlier version I had a cancel option but I replaced it at some point with [all random].

Anyway, I'll look into adding some safeguards for this situation, like just choosing a random escort.


You know its possible I updated to 2.1.1 after I created the character but before I got my second escort. I do remember updating it around that time though I'm not sure cause I thought I created the character after but its been a while so... Well anywho glad it seems to be an edge case.

That's probably it then

That's probably the source of the issue, I did a large rewrite to support the escort re-selection menu in 2.1 and the escort counts in 2.0.5 so your game probably originally had different or missing values (or none at all if your previous installed version was old enough).

I see in the save you uploaded that it was created on July 19, 2018, which is when the very first 2.0.0 version was uploaded. I made a lot of bug fixes/improvements on July 22, 2018.

Anyway, I'm documenting the changes I make on the Steam Workshop item change notes.
I can't guarantee that upgrading in the middle of a play-through will have no issues.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

New Bug on versions 2.0.X

I've been getting a lua error everytime I would otherwise get an escort. I know that the "Report Error" button doesn't send anything to mod makers, so:

I really like the mod, btw. It saves me a world of worry.

Version 2.1 is out

Hi freepaperclips,

I've made some bug fixes and improvements, please try 2.1.1.
You can now change your selections using the game menu (Esc).


Possible bug causes some escort quest to fail

You know how sometimes escort quest do not trigger on certain levels, so you have to backtrack later if you're missing some?

It seems like this addon forces that quests to activate anyway BUT it does not, however, spawn escorts themselves. So you're stuck on a level with a quest that will instafail if you try to leave and no way to complete it.

Well after trying it some more

This is a awesome addon, but it seems to be causing some bugs atleast with the latest tome version.

I just got a bug popup right before getting to select a escort, seems to rarely corrupt quest data (I've seen that as well
were I couldn't open my quest log).

I'm using escorts enhanced (makes escorts follow you), unlimited respec, talent planner, and alchemy woes: only one provider, so any
of those could be interacting with it, but I'd think that only escorts enhanced covers the same area but you never know.

From a end user standpoint, it seems to work for awhile, then one of your escorts does something it doesn't like and
it bugs right before getting to select your escort and I've seen it do a few different things from that point on, spit
out a error message and keep working, or bug out and not spawn the escort correctly.

I love this addon, have you been playing at all lately to have worked out a fix?


Hi Lemille,

I pushed a new version that should hopefully fix it.
If you encounter the error message again please take a screenshot of the error (in-game reporting doesn't send anything to addon devs).

As far as I know, escorts enhanced should not conflict with this addon.


Still bugged as of 1.48

Not sure if you have fixed this for the 1.5 release but in the previous bugfix version it was still possible for escorts to not appear in unreachable zones (mainly Dreadfell) Where you would get an escort popup, select an escort, and as doors block paths, no escort will spawn. in default tome behaviour if no escort can be spawned on a designated level due to closed doors, the quest does not begin. And if you open paths and come back later the next time you load the level the escort will spawn, the quest will begin and you can proceed. With the addon however the quest begins, no escort can spawn, and the quest fails when you leave the level with no recourse. I did have Bonus Escorts installed as well, which may have conflicted.

Apparently there was a bug

Apparently there was a bug with ToME itself that allowed the escorts to be overwritten:
Under bugs:
  • Fix Escorts being overwritten by other Actors during level generation.