Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.5.0 "Unbroken, Unforgotten", Embers of Rage 1.0.4 and Ashes of Urh'Rok 1.0.6 are out!

My minions, I am happy and proud to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.5.0 ! See http://te4.org/
This release also is joined to a release of Embers of Rage (1.0.4) and Ashes of Urh'Rok (1.0.6)!

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.
If your launcher didn't self-update correctly, just redownload it from the homepage.

Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( http://te4.org/donate ) !

Major Features

  • New donator/buyers class: Possessors
  • Imported Stone Wardens class into the base game, with an unlock
  • Fully rewrote Archer class
  • Fully rewrote Rogue class
  • Reworked Chants and Hymns trees
  • Buffed Antimagic
  • Much improved Infinite Dungeon, with new layouts, terrains and challenge levels
  • New visual effects for many, many talents, both old and new
  • New "shimmer" cosmetic feature for donators/buyers to change the look of your gear and finally look dapper!
  • All artifacts now have unique player doll images, to look even more dapper!


  • New quests popup visuals, varying depending on the type and status of quest
  • Rewrote Survival tree
  • Altered other warrior & rogue subclasses to match new categories
  • New Light Armour Training talent
  • When the player enters a level (the first time only), any nearby hostiles in radius 5 are scattered around the level, to prevent entering deathtraps
  • When unlocking poisons the Lord unlocks un already learnt
  • Adventurers start with a cloak in inventory
  • Antimagic now scales with either Mindpower of Physical power
  • Resolve now works even while Antimagic Shield is up when at level 5
  • Mana Clash now also adds a timed effect that adds manaburn to all damage dealt
  • Antimagic Shield max absorb buffed and now does a manaburn backlask against the attacker
  • Aura of Silence now also restores equilibrium for each foes silenced
  • Talent descriptions automatically note talents that won't break stealth.
  • Rares/Uniques/Bosses/Elite Bosses/Gods now have distinctive markers on them to easily notice them
  • Increased Epoch's Curve range by 1
  • Nerfed cooldown and healing on Bathe in Light
  • Staves accuracy bonus is now halved for short staves
  • Brittle Clear Oozes are much rarer
  • Nigthmare has slightly increased chance of rare spanws
  • Stairs can not be used for some turns after a kill (0 on Easy, 2 on Normal, 3 on Nightmare, 5 on Insane, 9 on Madness)
  • Ogres's Writ Large lets them get a 6th inscription slot as before, but they have to use a category point to actually unlock it
  • Buffed Highers (Gift also gives healing mod%, Overseer grants telepathy on hit, Born into Magic has better numbers)
  • Dwarf Stoneskin fully ignores the triggering attack, and correctly states it has no cooldown and can re-proc while active
  • Nerfed infravision on the experiments in the Blighted Ruins
  • Buffed Ghouls (Ghoul provides more stats, Ghoulish Leap provides a global speed boost on landing, reduced Retch cooldown a little, increased Gnaw stats reduction and ghoul spawned is fully
  • All summons affected by Blighted Summoning get max vim on spawn
  • Buffed Skeletons (Skeleton gives more str/dex, reduced cooldown of both Bone Armour and Re-assemble)
  • Buffed Dwarves (Resiliense gives hardiness, Stoneskin and Power is Money give higher numbers)
  • Dark Empathy now also transfers the caster's resists cap
  • Cornacs start with one more generic point and gain additional class and generic points while leveling
  • Nerfed Ogres a little (and buffed a little)
  • Some slight Shalore nerfs (and a buff)
  • Augmentation updates with each stats change and has a small cooldown
  • New "Detach Tinker" command in the item's menu to remove a tinker from an object, worn or otherwise
  • Tinkered objects show the tinker they use in their names
  • Dwarven Adventurers can use stone wardens talents
  • All zones now update their base level each time the player enters
  • All liches NPCs have 50% chance to ignore crits, archliches and bloodliches have 100%
  • Lichform grants 100% stun & disease immunity
  • Lichform now has a new rank 7, which is much more powerful than puny level 6 liches !
  • Skeleton's Re-Assemble can not be cheesed anymore
  • Healing modifier scales (0.5 power) with constitution.
  • When disarmed, some traps give the player a chance to learn (unlock) a related trap talent.
  • Revised (nerfed) Gesture of Guarding's deflection value (similar to parry).
  • Talents whose descriptions contain a damage will now also base it on the stunned/dazed/number/.. state to reflect the actual damage that can be done more accurately
  • Player AOE targeting with stop block will not block on unseen actors.
  • Player AOE targeting highlights with stop block will not be blocked by unseen actors.
  • Darkest Light will not appear on randbosses/elites anymore
  • Infinite Dungeon levels sometimes get zone-wide auras
  • Backup guardians can now drop tier 5 items
  • Levelup dialog has a checkbox to hide unknown categories, should help a lot Adventurers
  • New game option in Misc section to show or hide cloak hoods (off by default)
  • Added a Font Scaling option to the video menu, from 50% to 300%
  • Capslock to scroll is now rebindable like any other keybinds, under the name "Scroll map mode"
  • Corrections/clarifications to the descriptions and log messages for a few artifacts.
  • Short staves will appear smaller than normal ones on the player's doll
  • Unique tiles for all artifacts, including every possible versions of the Crystal Heart and Crystal Focus
  • Bone Shield displays current and max charges on the icon
  • Buffed quick, supercharged, and overpowered charm egos a bit (better cooldowns)
  • Reworked Hornet Stingers to be useful. Now 20 damage per turn up from 15 and 20% talent failure rate up from 5%.
  • Added unarmed on-hit Cursed talents for Ruthless Grip so brawlers won't be so sad. Lowered the healing mod malus from -20% to -10% so it will be a safer choice. Slight increase in price and
    slight decrease in base power and on-hits to balance it out with its new talents.
  • Revamped Spellblade. Changed level range from 40-45 to 35-50 to hopefully see it drop more often.
  • Black Mesh now has a 100% chance to pull in the attacker to reinforce its identity (only once per turn), clarified the on-block tooltip to let people know what it really does.
  • Filled in missing proc chance for Coral Spray, changed wording slightly.
  • Fire Dragon Shield now has a 30% chance to cast level 2 Fire Breath on your foes in radius 6, possibly stunning them. Added 15% fire affinity for flavor and usefulness.
  • Changed Scale Mail of Kroltar's activable from Lv 3 Inferno (Archmage skill) to Lv 3 Devouring Flames (Wyrmic skill) for flavor, slight increase in utility!
  • Dragon Helm of Kroltar now has +5 wil, +10% phys/fire damage, 0.2 Fire drake aspect mastery. Changed activable to level 3 bellowing roar for flavor and usefulness. Changed to properly use
    armor training 1 instead of 3 as all other helms do for consistency, it pairs with mail armor anyways. Set bonus gives an additional +14 luck for a total of 10.
  • New tileset for the Heart of the Gloom, with a different one for the dream version of it and an other variant for the Grushnak pride also using it
  • Crooked club no longer unreliabe, battle call is now level 2 and an activable. Physical Repulsion on crit changed to regular Physical.
  • Malslek the accursed's hat no longer arcane-powered to accomodate antimagic psions.
  • Skin of many gets +30% blindness immunity instead of fear for undead, as they're already fear immune.
  • Mighty Girdle now has +40 hp, -10% fatigue. Set bonus loses 40 hp and gains an extra -10% fatigue
  • Mighty Girdle base cost down to 150 from 350
  • Make Impending Doom less annoying to deal with by reducing healing mod malus to 80% from 100%
  • Halfling racial talent also increases steam crits
  • Disabled greater-crypt and trickvault vaults (the ones with the levers/tricks that sometimes bork) until they can be remade in a way that cant trap players forever
  • Can not recall out of subvaults
  • Increased price of Emblem of Evasion
  • Flat damage resistance is now subject to disminishing returns, usign the same formula as foo-powers and saves; except on base of 40 (so up to 40 there is no disminishing at all)
  • Spellhunt Remnants can not be upgraded witha tinker inside, and says so
  • Solipcism psi regen on heal/life regen works even if life/regen is blocked
  • Stone Skin now has a chance to reduce a random talent's cooldown when hit in melee
  • Default targetting now prioritizes targets in line of sight over ESP ones
  • Arrows also get the 2h ego multiplier
  • Bows now have a ego multiplier like other 2h weapons
  • Added base physical power/crit to character sheet.
  • Unlocked Mobility for Marauder
  • Reduced Shield Wall scaling and cooldown
  • Reduced Last Stand cooldown
  • Increased Bulwarks life rating
  • Improved APR on egos and added some new ones
  • Update Heavy Armor Training to use a standard scaling formula
  • Reduce Snap cooldown to 30 and stamina to 25
  • Eye of the Tiger is now configurable by addons
  • Magic of the Eternals correctly increases all crits (including Embers of Rage's Steamcrit)
  • Temporal Elementals have new tiles
  • Lady Nashva the Streambender finally has her own tile
  • Shadowblades gain Mobility tree
  • te4_log.txt on OSX is now always in /tmp
  • Providence does not heal anymore
  • Reduced max possible cooldown a little on shielding runes
  • Upgrade to rare items generation & redesigned some egos & powers
  • Removed healmod malus from Death's Embrace
  • Cinderfeet no longer damages friendlies
  • Vault walls in High Peak, Rak'Shor Pride and Grushnak Pride now match the visual theme
  • High Peak now have many possible events, including subvaults
  • Vaults have a much much higher chance to appear in the four Prides
  • Minor Brawler update
  • Detonate works through Through The Crowd
  • Fast as Lightning also grants 50%% chances to fully evade dy displacement
  • Lucky Day also provides a permanent 10% chance to evade damage by moving away
  • Garkul's Revenge also increases damage to giants
  • Temporal Form also grants Anomaly Flawed Design, Anomaly Gravity Pull and Anomaly Wormhole
  • Aether Permeation also gives 10% arcane resist cap
  • Armour of Shadows give 20% evasion when on unlit tile
  • Never Stop Running cooldown reduced to 8
  • Draconic Body cooldown reduced to 15
  • Corrupted Shell also increases armour
  • Through The Crowd now also grants 3% global speed per stack (up to 15%%) and is also given to all party members
  • Giant Leap cooldown reduced, also removes all stun/daze/pin effects
  • Windtouched Speed now also reduces all cooldowns by 10%
  • Limit GWF to once per turn and re-buff proc rate and duration numbers a bit
  • Superpower changed 60% of Strength and 40% Willpower modifier
  • I Can Carry the World also grants a size category and 10 more strength
  • Massive Blow also applies Counterstrike if a wall is hit (and fixes desc to reflect it ignores save & immunity)
  • Clarify weapon proc descriptions and change a few numbers
  • Animus Hoarder: extra soul chance (nerf)
  • Shield Expertise: save bonuses
  • Putting Telos Staff Crystal in an alchmist golem changes its name and gives it.. personality
  • Crystalline items can be unmade and remade again at a higher tier.
  • Telos items now form a set.
  • Ureslak's Femur and Ureslak's Molted Scales form a set.
  • Ureslak's Molten Scales can now be activated to gain a reactive resistance buff
  • New lore to the High Peak
  • Display negative life in the UI instead of ???
  • Switched Manathrust and Arcane Power spots
  • Switched Pulverizing Auger and Stone Skin spots
  • Necromancer's Dark Empathy now helps minions not kill each other
  • Level 3 and up of Aura Mastery has a 25% chance to return souls from minions on death if they're inside the aura
  • Animus Hoarder is passive to reduce mana and soul strains early
  • Chill of the Tomb has a 100% chance to create a wisp if it kills a friendly necrotic minion while Will o' the Wisp is sustained for synergy
  • Lowered overall mana costs and cooldowns on Necromancer's non-locked trees slightly to prevent as many dead turns


  • Fixed a rare offline vault problem for some people
  • Lever in Gorbat pride is not hidden by the sand anymore
  • Fixed Dominant Will to correctly fade away
  • Clarified/fix descriptions of several talents.
  • Shadows affected by Blighted Summoning now come up with full vim
  • Fixed Stone Warden Halves bug
  • Fixed a bug with small maps not centering correctly
  • Cloning one of the acolytes in the Dark Dungeon will not prevent saving Melinda
  • Fire hatchlings summoned by the Grand Arrival of Fire Drakes do not count towards the max summon limit
  • Leveling up talents in the LevelupDialog will not break stealth or other effects.
  • Fix Escorts being overwritten by other Actors during level generation.
  • Updated missing scaling of talents Chromatic Fury, Pure Aether, Uttercold, FrostDusk, Crystalline Focus, and Wildfire
  • Slime Roots can not reset fixed cooldown talents anymore
  • Totality correctly respects fixed cooldown talents
  • Yeek's Wayist talent create wayists with a telekinetically wielded greatsword
  • Fixed Cursed stalker debuff getting thrown back to them by Embers of Rage's Psionic Mirror talent
  • Randbosses will correctly learn talent categories specified with data.add_trees.
  • Fixed multiplying npcs so that they do not act upon splitting
  • Fixed Hymns of Moonlight not working with Ranged Amplification Device (from Embers of Rage)
  • Fixed Swap Tinker option to not reset to enabled when the game restarts
  • Oozewalk correctly only removes detrimental effects
  • Updated Ring of the War Master and the Murderblade to correctly boost berserker talents
  • Fixed offhand mindstar from not using the talent's damage multiplier
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes made alt daikara 4 or sludgenest 1 (and probably some others) fail to generate
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes made exiting subvaults bug out
  • Fixed a bug preventing adventurers from restarting from premades in the infinite dungeon
  • Phase Door and Teleport respect teleport immunity
  • Fixed The Cage (Embers of Rage) from working only once
  • Fix random freeze/random stop at high run speed
  • Fixed Adrenaline Surge
  • Fixed Shattering Blow description/damage
  • Fixed talents breaking on events not correctly working in some edge cases (this should fix Embers of Rage steam drain bug)
  • Fixed Aertherwalk teleporting on the opposite side of the target area
  • Make sure a temporary effect can not be removed before it finishes being setup (fixes a rare perma confusion bug)
  • Rotting Disease: Rescaled damage.
  • Decrepitute Disease: Rescaled damage.
  • Weakness Disease: Rescaled damage.
  • Fortress exploratory farportal only uses energy if you actually can go through (as in when not controlling a party member)
  • Fixed mindpower of the Caller mindstar ego
  • Fixed Derth staying fark after completing Storming the city quest
  • Recall, Teleport: Angolwen and Teleport: Point Zero do not work for non main-player anymore
  • Fixed resting for resources regen at super low values on inverted resources
  • Fixed a rare chronomancy bug
  • Fixed a weird interraction between Elemental Split, Stone Wall, Dwarven Unity and stair dancing. That was a fun one ! :)

Addons Stuff

  • Added new hooks "Quest:init" and "Quest:setStatus"
  • Added new hooks "UseTalents:generate" and "UseTalents:use" to mimic the UseItemMenu ones
  • Added new hooks "InfiniteDungeon:getLayouts" and "InfiniteDungeon:getGrids" to add new varieties to the "abnormal" ID levels
  • Added hook "ShertulFortress:exploratoryPortal:specialLocation" to add new special places to the portal
  • Added hook "Combat:attackTargetWith:attackerBonuses"
  • Recursing attacks, like Sawrd in Embers of Rage, can be set to deal less procs damage
  • Fix bug in Actor:fireTalentCheck and Actor:iterCallbacks clearing __project_source field incorrectly after callbacks.
  • Entity: Added getTemporaryValue function. Updated some temp value error messages to include name/uid of entity involved.
  • New actor property: "talent_no_resources" to make individual talents cost no resources
  • Added handling for actor.forbid_talents table
  • Static tmx loader can now understand object layers with names like "spawn#actor"
  • Actor:getTalentLevel will correctly return 0 for unknown talents
  • Actor:canSee correctly calculates and uses the correct chance to see when the target has both Stealth and Invisibility.
  • Game:logVisible does a better job at determining when non-actors are identified by the Player in log messages. Updated the comments for the log management functions.
  • The Building map generator can now accommodate rooms.
  • Rooms are (depending on their design) seamlessly integrated with the BSP-based automatic buildings.
  • Added a rng.rarityTable function
  • Stores can now ignore material levels with ignore_material_levels=true
  • New callback "callbackOnQuickSwitchWeapons"

  • Marked multiple achievements as "huge", there were none! Oh!
  • Range Amplification Device fatigue penalty reduced to 20%
  • Arcane Amplification Drone does not damage the caster
  • Reduced Automated Reflex System cooldown to 4
  • Fixed powering the Ring of Lost Love
  • Eye of the Tiger now affects steamtech talents
  • Molten Points can not be removed anymore
  • Gunslingers start with a unique cloak, no special powers but a unique and cool looking skin!
  • New player doll tiles to match ToME 1.5 system
  • Reduced Sawrd procs power
  • Added support for Possessors
  • Explosive Steam Engine and Tremor Engine now correctly work even outside of sight
  • Reduced some salves power a little
  • Increased Pain Enhancement System cooldown
  • All weapons tiers now have a doll tile per tier. No more will that awesome voratun sword look like a boring iron sword!
  • Fixed (nerfed) poison water damage in Dominion sewers.
  • Fixed some issues with AAA and weissi-machine (could learn forbidden arcane/antimagic talents) chats.
  • Clarified steamsaw weapon description.
  • Krimbul glowing moss grids allow water breathing.
  • Fixed Nektosh's AI.
  • Removed incorrect tiles lists loaded for Krimbul and Lost City final maps.
  • Add new tileset variation to the Infinite Dungeon of 1.5: corrupted cave, psi cave, mana cave, mechstone and full mech
  • Fixed digging in Krimbul
  • Civilians can pop in insane/nightmare/madness modes too in the vaporous imporium

  • Demon Seeds now show on your character
  • Blood Shield disabled on rest/run
  • Buffed Jaw of Rogroth
  • Wheel of Fate level range increased to 30 and material level is min only (just like inscriptions)
  • Added demonic cosmetic skin to skeletons and ghouls
  • Added support for Possessors
  • Demonologists now start with Combat Veteran tree
  • Fixed out of combat vim regen by abusing Jaw of Rogroth
  • Fixed a rare bug where the control crystal could fail to appear in the Searing Halls

Have fun in Eyal!


I think it would be cool if at the end of each patch notes you mentioned addons which were incorporated into the game, both to credit the authors but also so that we know which ones we won't need anymore.


That is a great idea, I would love to give some credit where credit is due! I know for a fact that Razakai's Assassin and Marksman mods were added. I also know some stuff from Housepets mods (like the chant rework and some minor changes with the archmage) are also included.

Winner's Table

Looks awesome! Don't forget to add Posessers to the Winner's Table please!


WOOOHOOOO can not wait to turn off all my addons and basically have a brand new game to play around with again, thanks darkgod and the rest of the pantheon for making such a great game.
now i just have to wait for the dl to finish.


I love you darkgod! Definitely going to donate.

So much to take in..

And to drown in joy!
Love the antimagic buffs I must say :>

More expansions coming up?

In the interview on the post prior to the patchnotes, there have been some hints of expanding maj eyal, is that a sign that there are more expansions to come?

yes Expansions coming up

yeah darkgod has two new dlcs listed on his own account link below.
the one listed broken world is about spiders and has had a lot of teasers added into the game in this update plus the interview you mentioned said its a full campaign if I remember right.

no idea what cults is about though havn't seen any teasers for it.

I must have missed that in

I must have missed that in reading the interview and I just realised I didn't finish the interview. Oh boy it is good to know there are still 2 coming up.

ignore me

ignore this double post

I'm getting spammed Lua error

I'm getting spammed Lua error messages upon simply starting the game, at main menu. The error message spam is so bad I can't do anything.
What do I have to delete? I wouldn't even mind losing my addons/saves if I can keep my unlock progress.

These patch notes look amazing

.*reads the patch notes*
.*reinstalls the game*


May I just say, you are a god...and dark and everything... :D

Thanks for your continued efforts and love on what has become a go-to favorite and continual point of fun (and contention) with friends.