Simplified Prodigy Requirements

Simplified Prodigy Requirements

The requirements fo some prodigies are simplified so you don't have to grind for them. Also removed some requirements which if you don't meet, you won't benefit from that prodigy at all. Any requirements that may involve risks are not touched.

Prodigies touched are:
Armour of Shadows -- reducing the darkness damage dealt need to 50
Blighted Summoning -- removing the requirement
Cauterize -- reducing the fire damage received need to 50 and reducing the number of spell casted to 10
Corrupted Shell -- reducing the blight damage received need to 50
Elemental Surge -- removing the requirement
Endless Woes -- removing the requirement
Eternal Guard -- removing the requirement
Giant Leap -- removing the requirement
Irresistible Sun -- reducing the light/fire damage dealt need to 50
Massive Blow -- removing the requirement
Mental Tyranny -- reducing the mind damage dealt need to 50
Temporal Form -- removing the requirement of having casted 1000 spells
Vital Shot -- removing the requirement
Windblade -- removing the requirement
You Shall Be My Weapon! -- removing the requirement

Warning: this addon overloads all prodigy files, which may cause incompatibility with other addons alternating prodigies.

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You shouldn't overload the

You shouldn't overload the files it's evil :)
You can just load a new talents file with your addon have a weight greater than all the others.
And inside this file you just do:

local foo = Talents:getTalentFromId("T_FOO_UBER")
foo.require = ...whateveryouwant...

agree with this. the mod is

agree with this. the mod is interfering with 1.7.0 since it can't recognize the new evolutions and prodigies