Spell Blade Class

Spell Blade Class

Adds a new class into the game, a mage warrior hybrid. There can never be enough hybrid classes, right?

The Spell Blade is a warrior that uses magic in order to enforce their attacks with destructive spells.
They use their magic to cripple their foes and overwhelm them with swift strikes.
Their use of magic is innate and not really studied; as such they do not naturally regenerate mana and must use external means of recharging.
Therefore they also rely on channeling their spells through weapons or tools rather than casting large bolts of fire or beams of arcane energy as Archmages do. Nevertheless the result can be just as devastating.

v2.0 is a revamped version and is incompatible with old save files (too many talents were changed to work in a different way).

Contains 6 new categories.
I made the icons from scratch by myself.

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See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
Spell Blade v2.0.5 1.5.10 2019-05-25 20:06
Spell Blade v2.0.4 1.5.10 2019-05-19 15:05
Spell Blade v2.0.3 1.5.10 2019-03-03 11:54
Spell Blade v2.0.2 1.5.10 2019-03-02 11:23
Spell Blade v2.0.1 1.5.10 2019-03-02 11:20
Spell Blade v2.0 1.5.10 2019-03-01 23:03
Spell Blade v1.2.2 1.5.10 2019-01-26 14:40
Spell Blade v1.2.1 1.5.10 2019-01-19 14:21
Spell Blade v1.2 1.5.10 2019-01-17 22:56
Spell Blade v1.1 1.5.10 2018-12-19 20:59

talent doesn't work

It seems like the passive which should heal conditions when switching Flame/Ice/Lightning Blade, does nothing . Also, Elemental Shield gets dropped when doing level-up.

Seems like talent description is missing

For the Blade Enhancement talent under Spell / Blade Magic there is no description of what it does.

a slight bug and a question

1. changing equipment (incl. rings) or buying talents - 1-2 sustains are always dropped by this class; 2. this class gets bonus for staffs - wouldn't it be logical to give them some talents for 2-handed weapons? As is, staff bonus is almost useless....

addon breaks skirmisher !

It took me a while to understand the cause was this addon :
just start a new game with a halfing skirmisher, display his inventory : if this addon is enabled he can't carry his shield (it won't be equipped and you can't equip it !)

lightning blade has 0 effects

lightning blade has 0 effects whatsoever. guessing its because i dont have a stam talent to give me a stam bar yet, but pretty early atm.

strange bug with auto explore

for some reason my mana pool goes to 0 when trying to use auto explore and then it waits for ever for mana to replenish, I had to disable "rest before auto explore" in the options so that I can use this. And of course when walking normally my mana doesn't go down, it does only when using auto explore ! It worked the 1st time I used auto explore, and then it started to behave like that and now I must disable "rest before auto explore"...

Except that interesting class, fun to play at start, then it becomes harder. It's quite hard to get AoE abilities but it's compensated by the 2 teleport skills easily available, it's a very unusual way to play the game... I fear the confrontation with the lightning mad mage though, but I am only at level 11 for now, so I still have time to improve it !

bug fix release

I fixed this bug and some others as well in v1.2.1.

Thanks for the fix. For info

Thanks for the fix.
For info my run with this char ended at the gate of the fortress, against the horror which defends it. I was level 14, maybe it's a little early for this, it was level 21, but the main problem is that it's using some mind spells which put all the abilities of the character on cooldown, + it's a place where you can't teleport, so it's very hard to escape. Basically it made my character useless, I was able to put it at 35% health one time, proud of it, but then it disabled all my abilities and cured himself with his super powerful healing ability, I was done, and I can't ask to be teleported out of this area when loosing a life, so it's the end of my char !

Ok, ok, maybe I should have waited some more before going there, I remembered this guy was tough but here it's the worst nightmare of this class... ! too bad !

nice artwork

I will play this just on the strength of the talent icons. Nice work. I look forward to seeing how this looks inside the game.

OK. Just played it for a few hours. First impression. Lots of fun. What a lovely xmas gift. Thank you.

Ice Shield bug

The class looks nice, but there is one rather interesting bug.
Basically, if you activate Ice Shield while you already have a shield equipped, and the total block talent level given by the equipped shield and Ice Shield exceeds 5, the game shaves it back down to 5. However, this artificial reduction isn't known to Ice Shield, and so, when you deactivate Ice Shield, you lose levels in Block until you unequip and reequip your offhand shield.

Ice Shield bug

This bug is fixed in v1.1


Is it possible you've reached > 99 add-ons in your add-on folder? I've heard that will crash the game on load. I know at least one other person tried this add-on without a crash on load.

Is that so? That may explain

Is that so? That may explain it. Wouldn't surprise me if I've hit that high.
Thanks for the info!


Don't know if it's just me, but whenever I try to start a new game, I select T.o.M.E. as normal, and then, instead of loading to go to the character creation screen... "Tales of Maj'Eyal has stopped working". Is this a problem everyone's getting? Or just the guy who collects addons?