Adds the Stoneshaper, a wild caster. Stoneshapers manipulate terrain, creating or destroying it at need, and have been known to forge formidable weapons from stone.

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Name Module Version Required Released File
Stoneshaper v1.2.0 1.5.0 2018-05-15 04:16
Stoneshaper v1.1.2 1.5.0 2017-12-11 19:22
Stoneshaper v1.1.1 1.5.0 2017-09-07 10:23
Stoneshaper v1.1.0 1.5.0 2017-09-04 13:08
Stoneshaper v1.0.0 (still needs balancing) 1.5.0 2017-05-01 17:43

Mindstars vs stone weapon.

It's obvious that we're supposed to level the stone weapon (forgot the name) skill, but we also have access to mindstars? Seems strange, since if the stone weapon is better than mindstars why not just always turn the toggle on, making the mindstar skills useless and if it isn't why ever level it?

Mindstars vs stone weapon

Personally the only reason I can find to have anything is for 'When carried/wielded' effects. Mindstars usually provide useful things like phys/natur res pen, Wil, and Cun. But a shield or other weapon is also plenty useful for the same reason.

That doesn't really seem right

If you're using the stone weapon as your main damage-dealer, there's little reason to ever level the mindstar mastery skill tree.

Some suggestions

Awesome class, loved it from the moment I first killed myself with reduce to rubble lol. Also when I tried to move while stunned with rock travel active. Good times.

Seriously though, great ideas, nice mix of bumping, spellcasting and summoning, and all with a cool earthbending theme. Mad props.

Would like to see more options for defense though; stoneform generic tree is honestly underwhelming atm and the allres talent from stone warriors just isn't enough. Some ideas I have is making the second talent heal for more when beside or inside terrain, and to count individual rubble pools as terrain for the puropose of healing and the movement speed from the second talent, with a weaker heal, ofc. Same can be done for the talent that gives armor when in rubble. The third talent that eats rock can also be made to include a straight up heal or regen effect maybe idk. The last talent is great though and synergizes with the first nicely.

One thing about the first talent though, is maybe it should provide immunity only to player-made rubble and only give maybe ~20-70% immunity from enemy made rubble. Stoneshaper rares have been a problem for my rubble specced chars as the only way to deal with them is bumping or summons.

Some way to get elemental resists would also be appreciated. Maybe something like exchanging armor for resists for some turns (maybe add stoneforge armor talents to the stoneforge blade tree and just make it the stoneforge tree) Speaking of the stoneforge tree, maybe doing something like the dreamhammer tree would make it more interesting and move it away from just bumping stuff.

One last suggestion is maybe to separate the pillar summoning skills from the pillar breaking skills, as pillar making is useful to summoning as well (and it would be a good idea to somehow make it interact with the stoneforged blade tree as well) An example of how it might work would be to have pillars be summoned on a charge system (you start with x pillars, and one gets replenished every y turns) and then reducing the cooldown on summoning to 2 or 3 turns. Then the pillar summoning tree could have 1) pillar summoning skill, scales duration and amount of charges, 2) maybe something that turns normal terrain into summoned stone? and doesn't cost charges??? idk 3) like the original, a mass summon that takes all your charges (or most of them) 4) a talent that would allow you to make 2, 3, or more summons in one turn. That's it for the summoning tree. I don't have any suggestions for the rubble making tree though.

That's the ideas I have so far, if any seem presumptuous I apologize in advance, I simply think up alot of ideas for improvement when I like a class alot. I'd be very happy if you make it this far through this wall of text haha thanks for the class anyway!

For some reason it will turn

For some reason it will turn trees into stone men but not all walls. Like the Maze. The stone men can't be summoned there without making walls yourself which just feels tedious and weird when its clearly made of walls and the thing works on trees.
Also when you use the skill and it does nothing like in the maze it goes on cooldown which is doubly annoying
I also don't get why the class has rush with knockback as an added bonus just randomly thrown in with a skill then in another tree has a mobility skill that doesn't go as far per point, needs a rock warrior to be summoned and does no damage. Why is that not reversed?

I'm gonna guess

I'm gonna guess its because you can't use dig on the walls in the maze. You aren't able to do that even in the main game.