Troll Race.

Troll Race.

This addon adds Trolls as a playable race to the game.

Trolls possess the Trollblood talent, which grants them high life-regeneration, but makes them vulnerable to fire.
Their racial abilities scale with their size. A huge troll is a strong troll, but the higher they grow, the deeper they fall.

Race Stats:

Str = 3

Mag = -3

Will = -2

Dex = -1

Con = 5

Liferating = 18

Exp-Penalty = 1.4 (Trolls aren't known for learning things fast)

Size = Big (Increases with your racial abilites)

Fear Immune


Trollblood(Passive): Life-regen, but fire-vulnerability. Scales with size.

Scent(Active): Reveals the map around you, gives you a speedboost.

Resilience of the Trolls(Passive): Increases saves and size category. Scales with size.

Song of the Trolls(Active): AOE-damage with stun-chance. Scales with size. Increases size category.

I hope you enjoy this! I would be very happy to receive some criticism :) If you got something to mention about balancing issues or if you find some errors, just tell me, i'll update this frequently.

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Name Module Version Required Released File
Troll Race 1.7.2 2021-03-05 18:30
Arena and Infinite Dungeon fixed 1.3.0 2015-06-15 18:10
weapon pack support 1.3.0 2015-05-31 17:13
Troll Race 1.3.0 2015-05-31 12:48
Troll Race 1.3.0 2015-05-25 17:32

A bit of a complaint

It's nothing major, but it feels like the class is only really built for berserkers. And why do they start with the magic set of runes instead of infusions? Or was that explained in the lore blurb.

scent speed increase doesn't work always

If I activate Eden's Guile and have 146% global speed, using Scent actually slows me down to 120% global speed.

You race tallents dont work

Heey you race tallents dont work right you life rate dossent Scales right with size


The life-rating does not scale with size, life-regeneration does ;)

Life Rating 18? Why?

Life Rating 18? Why?


A life-rating of 18 seemed alright to me,
it should make up for the high XP-Penalty and the extra fire damage trolls take.
Is 18 too high in your opinion?

Absolutely, that's twice that

Absolutely, that's twice that of most races and significantly more than even the tankiest.