Tuned Sounds Version1

Tuned Sounds Version1

This addon tune or remove some of the sound effects in the game.

I copied large parts of the addon Better Sounds. You might ask why I do not just use that mod. The reason is because I do not like the death scream, sling and whip_hit and I want to tweak the sounds however I like.

All the spells are tuned so they are less harsh or annyoing.

Some of the spell sound effects really should be replaced completely but I do not have anything better at hand or any skill in audio creation.
For example playing Paradox Mage or Lightning Archmage is less fun to play because of the bad sound effects on many of their abilities. Now they are slightly less annoying but they could be much better.

This is just for my own use and I uploaded it so I can use it with an online profile. As long as I play I will tune it if I feel like it.

Dampened the sound of these spells

Devouring Flame
Spell Generic 1
Spell Generic 2
TidalwaveChanged the sound of these spells

Ice - Removed part of the snapping sound
Water - Copied the sound from my dampened Tidalwave. The original Water sound is really bad.
Lightning - Copied the sound from the addon Better Sounds but also dampened it a little
Thunderstorm - Copied the sound from LightningAttacks

Shoot - Copied the sound effect from addon Better Sounds
Sling - Copied the sound effect from addon Better SoundsAmbient

No jungle sounds
No wolf/hound howling sounds
No town sounds at all. No hammering, no eagles and so on.Other

Coin - Copied the sound effect from addon Better Sounds
Door Creaks - Copied the sound effect from addon Better Sounds
See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
Tuned Sounds Version1 1.6.7 2020-09-08 22:10