Adds the Vor'tep as a new Giant sub-race, a breed of altered trolls. Get it right here or on the Steam Workshop.

Vor'tep have a life rating of 13 and an experience penalty of 15% and start with +3STR, +3WIL, +3CON,+3MAG, -2DEX, and -2CUN.

Vor'tep posses the strength and will to wield any one-handed weapon in their offhand innately.

Vor'tep have the following racial talents:

Trollkin Fortitude
For 5 turns, each magical, physical, or mental detrimental effect applied to you by an enemy will have the duration preemptively reduced by X turns or 50% (rounded up), whichever is greater. If this reduces the duration to 0 or less the effect is completely negated. The power of the effect improves with Constitution.

Passively increases life regen by X and healing modifier by Y%.
Scales only on talent level.

Blood Rush
Sustaining this talent will cause talents to cooldown by one turn at the begining of each turn. This will occur regardless of stuns or other effects that would normally reduce or prevent cooldowns. This will not effect talents with a fixed cooldown.
This will cause you to take X% of your maximum life as irresistible damage on the first turn, increasing each subsequent turn. Each turn the damage dealt will be 15% greater than the turn before. If your life is below 20% of your maximum at the start of a turn, the sustain will automatically deactivate.
The damage of the effect is reduced by Willpower.

Internal Inscription
You are able to internalize a rune or infusion of your choice. Once chosen, the inscription will be triggered instantly when you are below 15% of your maximum life. This has a cooldown and is the only way to activate the inscription.
Cooldown decreases significantly with talent level and is based only on this talent (the original cooldown of the inscription is completely disregarded).

Talent icons from game-icons.net.

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1H Weapon in offhand

Wielding two staves as any spellcaster with no cost is really overpowered. You should consider restricting the ability to wield 1h weapons in the off-hand to melee weapons.


It uses the same flag as Reaver and Krog to enable 1hand off wielding, and has the same limitations. Only staves with a short ego can be held in the offhand, and they have a built in power penalty when compared to a normal staff. Allowing dual short staves on a race that is not forced anti-magic is half the point of this add-on and I'm not inclined to change it. If you mean that a character can use two full staves, that's definitely a bug and should be addressed.


Any updates planned for the future?

Someday, probably :)

I have some changes in mind for them. Mostly nerfs, but I would also reduce the xp penalty if I implement them.

Anyhow, I have a large-ish project in the works that has priority at the moment, and limited time, so it will likely be a while before I get back to Vor'tep.

Thanks for the interest :)