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Audiomancy is an audio enhancement for ToME that does not affect music or ambience. It started with the High Quality Sounds mod (thanks to Gurkoz), but it is *not* a simple sound replacer. It enhances the code introducing random variance, layering, and new trigger points. Weapon types (sword, great axe, mace, sling, bows, etc.) have distinct sounds in combat, along with NPC types having different impact sounds. Many weapons have distinct critical hit sounds as well. Ranged weapons have separated attack and hit sounds. Melee and ranged talents you would have expected to produce sound before likely will with this mod. There is still more to do, especially in terms of providing distinct sound effects for various game mechanics and talents, but the code as-is will affect almost every sound played in the game while adding more. I attempted to maximize compatibility, replacing a single function and using superloading and hooks for the rest.

Feel free to reach out to me with any issues you discover or ideas/suggestions you may have on Steam or at


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Cool sound

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Change meele squish sound and levelup sound.

High Quality Sounds

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Replaces a selection of sounds with higher quality versions.

First release focuses primarily on UI, Actions and Talents from the base game.

Future releases will handle the DLC's, various creatures and minor adjustments to tone down some sounds that prove to be an annoyance.

Content consists of only sound assets to try and have the highest possible compatibility with future patches.

DISCLAMER: These are not sounds I personally created from scratch but where taken from various sources. I take no credit in the creation of these sounds, only the selecting, editing, converting and packaging all this as a mod. I do this just for fun and to enhance a game I love to play. If you are an original creator and is somehow not cool with this, please let me know and I will remove that material.

Sounds of Chaos

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Spices up ToME's audio department by replacing sounds with random blips, bloops, screams, and whatnot. Prepare your ears. Adjusting your volume is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as some of these sound effects may be somewhat louder than ToME's default.

These sounds have been pulled from Tyron's fabulous HORNMOD for SRB2 Kart. I take no credit for creating and/or gathering them, only for splicing them into ToME.

NOTE: The replacement rate is 0% by default. Please see your Gameplay Options to increase the rate to something higher than that.

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