NameGameLast updated
Fracture Ray the level 50 Ghoul Archmagetome36 weeks 1 day ago
Far away light the level 24 Doomelf Sun Paladintome49 weeks 4 days ago
Malicious Mischance the level 50 Ghoul Charmedtome49 weeks 6 days ago
Monochrome Princess the level 50 Thalore Doombringertome1 year 28 weeks ago
Sheriruth the level 50 Cornac Doomedtome1 year 33 weeks ago
Mork the level 50 Orc Archmagetome1 year 35 weeks ago
Essence of Twilight the level 50 Yeek Sun Paladintome1 year 37 weeks ago
Corps-sans-organes the level 50 Ghoul Necromancertome1 year 38 weeks ago
Laduguer the level 50 Dwarf Corruptortome2 years 11 weeks ago
Poxei DOON the level 50 Dwarf Archmagetome2 years 14 weeks ago
Clotho the level 50 Higher Cultist of Entropytome2 years 15 weeks ago
Amphit_rite the level 50 Cornac Adventurertome2 years 17 weeks ago
Galadriel the level 50 Thalore Oozemancertome2 years 25 weeks ago
Ioulaum the level 50 Yeek Anorithiltome2 years 28 weeks ago
Tassadar the level 50 Yeek Adventurertome2 years 30 weeks ago
AchievementFarm the level 1 Halfling Archmagetome2 years 30 weeks ago
Clothos the level 2 Higher Adventurertome2 years 31 weeks ago
Belldandy the level 50 Shalore Paradox Magetome2 years 46 weeks ago
FhtagnTest the level 50 Cornac Writhing Onetome2 years 48 weeks ago
Azog the level 50 Orc Sawbutchertome6 years 24 weeks ago
Belldandy the level 50 Shalore Paradox Magetome6 years 26 weeks ago
Tassadar the level 25 Cornac Summonertome7 years 10 weeks ago
Thor the level 3 Halfling Archmagetome7 years 22 weeks ago
Bloody Mary the level 10 Shalore Corruptortome7 years 22 weeks ago
Test the level 35 Cornac Doombringertome7 years 39 weeks ago