NameGameLast updated
Merlot the level 50 Lich Necromancertome33 weeks 1 day ago
Tock the level 22 Cornac Paradox Magetome33 weeks 2 days ago
Jacques the level 50 Whitehoof Annihilatortome34 weeks 3 days ago
Leonardo the level 50 Halfling Roguetome34 weeks 6 days ago
Apathy the level 50 Yeek Solipsisttome35 weeks 2 days ago
Fennec the level 16 Skeleton Arcane Bladetome35 weeks 5 days ago
Cinder the level 50 Orc Archmagetome35 weeks 6 days ago
Cardin the level 50 Ghoul Sun Paladintome36 weeks 2 days ago
Emerald the level 50 Thalore Psyshottome40 weeks 5 days ago
Hazel the level 50 Krog Wyrmictome42 weeks 3 days ago
Dominus the level 32 Higher Writhing Onetome43 weeks 1 day ago
Achioc the level 26 Ogre Archmagetome1 year 20 weeks ago
Barkhul the level 50 Thalore Brawlertome1 year 20 weeks ago
Doedre the level 50 Doomelf Doomedtome1 year 21 weeks ago
Kaom the level 50 Higher Doombringertome1 year 21 weeks ago
Eber the level 21 MajWhitehoof Cultist of Entropytome1 year 22 weeks ago
Hyrri the level 50 Orc Gunslingertome1 year 23 weeks ago
Shakari the level 50 Shalore Shadowbladetome1 year 23 weeks ago
Ryslatha the level 50 Yeek Oozemancertome1 year 28 weeks ago
daelach the level 66 demon majortome1 year 28 weeks ago
Brutus the level 32 Orc Sawbutchertome1 year 29 weeks ago
Ultron 2 the level 31 Warrior Effigy Berserkertome3 years 25 weeks ago
Lychee the level 50 Ogre Temporal Wardentome3 years 27 weeks ago
Sombra the level 23 Bloodborn Corruptortome3 years 27 weeks ago
Mysty the level 25 Draconian Elementisttome3 years 31 weeks ago