NameGameLast updated
Optimus Prime the level 50 Colossus Primitivetome6 weeks 5 days ago
Bumper Car the level 48 Dwarf Primitivetome7 weeks 21 hours ago
Playor the level 50 Yeek Discordanttome7 weeks 6 days ago
Kudzuman the level 33 Colossus Kudzutome8 weeks 3 days ago
Keanu the level 47 Halfling Scorpiontome8 weeks 3 days ago
Scorpion the level 22 Colossus Prototype Herotome8 weeks 3 days ago
Colottic the level 44 Colossus Critictome8 weeks 3 days ago
testoi the level 1 Colossus Customertome8 weeks 5 days ago
Rogueh the level 34 Colossus Roguetome11 weeks 1 day ago
Chief Crazy Cutter the level 46 Vor'tep Prototype Herotome11 weeks 1 day ago
Regentep the level 47 Vor'tep Adventurertome11 weeks 4 days ago
Ooozerker the level 50 Halfling Oozemancertome12 weeks 1 day ago
Willpowwa the level 40 Krog Prototype Herotome12 weeks 3 days ago
Rampageddon the level 50 Ogre Berserkertome12 weeks 3 days ago
Harkroger the level 50 Krog Harbingertome12 weeks 3 days ago
Vor'Mind the level 38 Vor'tep Adventurertome12 weeks 3 days ago
Gunbrain the level 34 Ogre Steam Herotome12 weeks 5 days ago
Robotnik the level 50 Kruk Yeti Steam Herotome12 weeks 6 days ago
Psyion the level 50 Orc Sawbutchertome12 weeks 6 days ago
Sonarom the level 36 Lich Cooler Anorithiltome12 weeks 6 days ago
Dominologistic the level 33 Ogre Demonologisttome12 weeks 6 days ago
Vor'pall the level 40 Vor'tep Fallentome13 weeks 38 min ago
Doomslinger the level 50 Halfling Skirmishertome13 weeks 44 min ago
Malrok the level 38 Ogre Prototype Herotome13 weeks 10 hours ago
Sunfall the level 50 Ogre Fallentome13 weeks 19 hours ago