NameGameLast updated
Mieiaari the level 50 Higher Brawlertome32 weeks 3 days ago
Atalaan the level 50 Halfling Corruptortome32 weeks 5 days ago
Arwal the level 50 Krog Psyshottome33 weeks 4 days ago
Farhro the level 50 Dwarf Wanderer3in1tome34 weeks 1 hour ago
Ansin the level 50 Thalore Anorithiltome34 weeks 1 day ago
Akkrric the level 50 Dwarf Bulwarktome44 weeks 5 days ago
Etsta the level 31 Thalore Summonertome45 weeks 3 days ago
Imir the level 50 Ogre Skirmishertome46 weeks 6 hours ago
Ardsum the level 25 Ogre Arcane Bladetome47 weeks 9 hours ago
Atfuiel the level 50 Krog Berserkertome47 weeks 3 days ago
Nalyka the level 29 Drem Alchemisttome51 weeks 1 day ago
Nalyka the level 4 Drem Alchemisttome51 weeks 2 days ago
Inka the level 50 Halfling Writhing Onetome51 weeks 4 days ago
Jabo the level 50 Dwarf Maraudertome51 weeks 5 days ago
Arcgasea the level 14 Cornac Maraudertome52 weeks 8 hours ago
Bethyvea the level 14 Orc Gunslingertome1 year 1 hour ago
Bethyvea the level 5 Orc Gunslingertome1 year 5 hours ago
Bethyvea the level 13 Orc Gunslingertome1 year 5 hours ago
Balodunarach the level 14 Orc Sawbutchertome1 year 5 hours ago
Mbooro the level 27 Higher Wanderertome1 year 13 hours ago
Camidunabers the level 14 Skeleton Doombringertome1 year 23 hours ago
Etari the level 18 Shalore Wyrmictome1 year 1 day ago
Coddaha the level 1 Shalore Wyrmictome1 year 1 day ago
Lima the level 50 Lich Necromancertome1 year 1 day ago
Gitircel the level 20 Cornac Archmagetome1 year 2 days ago