Runic Golem

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This page is about the race; for the talent, see Runic golem (talent).
Runic Golem
Metarace Construct
Locked Yes
Life Rating 13
Exp Penalty +25%
Stat Modifiers
Strength +3
Dexterity -2
Constitution +3
Magic +2
Willpower +2
Cunning -5
Luck 0

Runic Golem is a race added in the base game. It is used for Alchemists' Golems. It cannot be chosen as the player character's race. However, the game files do contain unfinished code to support Runic Golem as a playable race, and DarkGod has stated that he plans to enable them someday. There is commented-out code to unlock Runic Golems upon earning the Emancipation achievement (requiring that the player's alchemist golem kill a boss while the player character is dead).

Addons which unlock all classes and races will unlock this race.


Runic Golems are creatures made of solid rock and animated using arcane forces.

They cannot be of any class, but they have many intrinsic abilities.


As stated in the description, Runic Golems cannot be of any class. Runic Golems have 7 mana rating, and 0.5 mana regen. For Inscriptions, they can only use Runes - they cannot use Infusions.

Runic Golem player characters are part of the Undead faction. However, since they begin in the Ruins of Kor'Pul, with the quest Of trolls and damp caves, it is impossible for them to acquire the Cloak of Deception. Hence it is currently impossible to complete the Age of Ascendancy campaign playing as a Runic Golem.


  • 100% poison immune
  • 100% cut immune
  • 100% stun immune
  • 100% fear immune

Starting Inventory

  • Brass Lantern
  • Scrying Orb
  • Rune: Manasurge
  • Rune: Shielding
  • Rune: Phase Door

Starting Location

Ruins of Kor'Pul

Racial Talents

Unlike other races, Runic Golems' talents are class talents, not generic talents.

Type Name Mastery Locked Talents
Spell Arcane 1.3 No Eye Beam Reflective Skin Arcane Pull Molten Skin
Spell Fighting 1.3 No Knockback Taunt Crush Pound
Human Elf Halfling Dwarf Yeek Giant Undead Orc Yeti
Higher Shalore Halfling Dwarf Yeek Ogre Ghoul Orc Kruk Yeti
Cornac Thalore Drem Krog Skeleton
Doomelf Whitehoof