CPU Usage

Some people have raised concerns about the 100% CPU usage.

While I do not believe this to be a problem for games I have still changed it for next release. The engine will check for the return value of the game:tick() method, if it is true it will not call tick() anymore until new events come in.

The display function will only be called if the game has focus.

So modules that require it can still run full time and others can tell the engine to be nice.

Happy ? ;)

It doesn't seem like

It doesn't seem like processing in the background is hard so much as finding sensible things to process and then making use of that data.

I can certainly imagine some higher order operations on Dijkstra maps, or FOV from every square to every other, starting to reach into the territory where you'd need to work it out ahead of time. But even for those, in practice, the delay is tiny.

Do you have any ideas (or, better, is there an implementation?) for anything that'll make good use of this? There surely must be something grand on its way.

In earlier builds I used it

In earlier builds I used it to run a coroutine processing a table of distances from every actor to every actor, but I have since them found a better way.
We'll see if I find a use for it :)