T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta5 unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta5 !

OSX binaries will come hopefully tomorrow and the linux binaries are suspended for now until I find a good way to make them.

Release highlights:

  • Much balancing and fixes
  • Changed spells and physical damage formulas to be less dangerous at low level and to scale better
  • Split talents into talents (combat oriented) and skills (utility oriented) with points for each
  • First use of opengl shaders
  • Lots of new high level content to advance the story

Expanded changelist:

  • Window resizable again
  • Gates of Morning now has a unique map
  • Talents level screen now show next level and current level
  • Actors can now have no max level (and they do not in ToME)
  • Switch to left mouse click to move
  • Can keybind to mouse buttons
  • Moving the mouse in target mode will do freemode targetting
  • Left click in target mode cancels, any others accept
  • Using stacked objects will now give a correct message
  • Fix cloned actor placement
  • Objects default to price 0
  • Only one hymn is usable at a time
  • Fixed wilderness encounter chance
  • Unremarkable cave is now exitable
  • Fix chat dialog mouse input
  • Gems added, useless for now(well they can be sold), will be used for crafting later
  • Ego items now vary in price based on their level of bonus
  • Fixed shadow similacrum
  • Actor's Emote system
  • Chain lightning does not hit the caster
  • Tweaked exp chart, later levels should be easier to gain
  • Ardhungol is no more fully lited and rememberd
  • Most texts are now anti-aliased
  • Engine can outline ASCII tiles to make them more visible
  • Quick Weapon Set Switch key (x by default)
  • Chat class will give better error if it can not load a chat
  • Temporary effects last their correct durations
  • Changed all damage formulas to be less linear
  • Melee damage is now fully dependent of stats. A 15 STR actor wielding a mithril sword will not do devastating attacks (but still have powerful ones)
  • Melee/archery damage stat on weapons is renamed "power"
  • Refitted all damage formulas to use more explicit and generic (and bound) functions
  • Players now start with all talents & stats assigned
  • Quick Birth
  • Water now uses OpenGL shaders
  • Changed some spell cost
  • Sandworm Tunnellers are now invulnerable
  • Confirmation prompt to stores
  • Allow the UseItemDialog to handle mouse correctly
  • OpenGL Framebuffer Object (FBO) support available to modules
  • New zone: Mount Doom
  • New zone: Eruan
  • New zone: Rak'shor Pride
  • New quests to advance the story
  • NPC stat leveling is limited in the same way the player is: natural max of 60
  • Sand drakes are now a 'D'
  • Split talents into talents and skills. Both have their own points. Talents are class defining stuff, mostly combat oriented while skills will be learnable by more classes and are mostly utility
  • Increasing stats/talents will recast sustained talents (with a few exceptions)
  • Archmages now get access to Enhancement school
  • Stealth & invis are now only checked every few turns, giving miore chances to rogues
  • Display hp/stamina/mana/... as color bars

Have fun!

*Is so ever excited* YES! I

  • Is so ever excited* YES! I can't wait to play, I just need to wait for the mac binary.... *esplodes in excitement*

You'll have to wait a few

You'll have to wait a few more days, beta5 is very buggy I'll do a beta6 soon thus there is no point in an OSX release for beta 5 :/

*unesplodes* I shall

  • unesplodes* I shall wait......patiently...ish...*thumb twiddle*

A few notes: - Using an

A few notes:

- Using an unfamiliar build process definitely doesn't help. Yes, autoconfiscation _is_ an abomination, but there must be better ways...
- There are bugs in building using newer binutils (Linux mostly): You can't rely on libraries that have been linked to libraries to be included automatically in the final link. In short, the TEngine.make LIBS macro has to add "-lm -lpthread"
- Here the link complains about the use of tmpnam at src/lua/loslib.c:60, suggesting change it to mkstemp
- Is there some VCS for this (preferably git, but I'd take almost anything)? Chipping in is hard if only tarballs are published....