First time playing ToME, interesting, confusing, fun.

I've started to play ToME and I've got no idea what I'm doing. I'm using experience from other RPG's to build characters. I notice I need to run away more often. I don't understand everything that is going on. Or how to build a character for the long run.

I am playing on normal difficulty. Have died plenty of times.
Some areas (despite being lvl 1 ' friendly') are hard for me to finish (especially final boss). Sometimes feels I'm missing part of my build to do it.
And what if I run, where can I go level instead... That's a question I'd like the answer to.

This could help

On dying to bosses...

One thing I occacionally do is do the first zones of the first area, then go to a second area and do the first zones of that, and then go back for the first area.

So for example, doing Trollmire 1-3, then Kor'Pul 1-2, then Trollmire 4, then Kor-Pul 3.

That way the bosses will be slightly easier to deal with. Also, learning when to trigger healing and shields is critical to survival.

It is a quite complex game with a fairly high bar of entry, but once you figure out the basics it's great fun. Also, losing and starting over is part of this kind of game - don't feel as if you have failed at the game, think of it as having learnt another lesson!