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This guide is meant for newer users who need advice about which order to complete different zones. It is not true for all situations and all classes, and experienced players can choose to skip some zones or move the order about.

If you've got a suggestion for different zone order, please write it up on the talk page for discussion.

This page is not for strategy about the individual zones; please put that on the actual zone's page.

For an alternate guide with more details on each zone and several maps to not be lost on the overworld, check out Cath's zone order guide

Main Campaign

Tier 1

  1. Starting zone(s) for your race/class.
  2. The Tier 1 Zones:
    1. Trollmire: Floors 1 to 3 only.
    2. Norgos Lair
    3. Ruins of Kor'Pul (Once you have enough Lite Radius)
    4. Scintillating Caves
    5. Rhaloren Camp
    6. Heart of the Gloom
    7. The Deep Bellow (Dwarf only)
  3. Derth: Talk to the Shady Man in the North for his Quest. Must be done before lvl 14.
  4. Trollmire: Floor 4

Tier 2

  1. Lumberjack Village: Spawns after you randomly receive quest just north of the city of Last Hope.
  2. The Into the Darkness Zones:
    1. The Maze
    2. Sandworm Lair
    3. Daikara: Don't enter Temporal Rift.
    4. Old Forest: Don't descend into Lake of Nur.
  3. Hidden Compound
  4. Ruined Halfling Complex ("Very old halfling ruins" on world map)
  5. Unknown Tunnels: Starting at level 18, can be encountered on world map randomly (especially in the snowy north). Can only be encountered once.

Tier 3

The order at this level starts to become more fluid. You can do these zones in any order, but gaining levels before going into Dreadfell will be helpful for the battle with The Master. Only Dreadfell and Reknor are mandatory for completing the story.

  1. Tempest Peak: Enter Derth for Quest and clear Elementals. Then go to the Angolwen or Zigur leader to continue to Tempest Peak.
  2. Temporal Rift: Reached through Daikara. Dangerous for Melee classes.
  3. Mark of the Spellblaze
  4. Lake of Nur: Reached through Old Forest.
  5. Ruined Dungeon: Random minibosses. Can be super dangerous.
  6. Old Conclave Vault: Only spawns if you receive quest in Ruined Halfling Complex. Quest giver only spawns in 30% of games unless you are a Shalore (100% chance)
  7. Dogroth Caldera: (Noxious Caldera on world map) Spawns after lvl 20 in 20% of all games unless you are a Yeek (100% chance)
  8. Last Hope Graveyard: Go down a floor and then open all of the individual graves before engaging the boss.
  9. Golem Graveyard: Just to clear for extra XP. Return in post-game.
  10. Dreadfell
  11. Dark Crypt: (Crypt of Kryl-Feijan) Encountered on world map randomly after lvl 25. Can only be encountered once. Very dangerous, especially for melee classes.
  12. Reknor: (Lost Dwarven Kingdom of Reknor on world map) Enter Farportal at the end.

There and Back Again

At this point you should be in the Far East.

  1. Unremarkable Cave: You spawn here.
  2. Ardhungol: Spawns after you receive Quest from Melnela in Gates of Morning. Turn in quest to her after.
  3. Temple of Creation: Spawns if you run into it on world map on the coast. Appears as Entrance to an Underwater Cave on the coast. No air bubbles. Requires water breathing.
  4. Vor Armoury: NOT Vor Pride. Spawns after you start the Quest in Gates of Morning. Return after and turn in quest.
  5. Briagh's Lair: (Sandpit of Briagh on world map) Spawns after you continue the Quest in Gates of Morning. Return after and turn in quest. Then enter the Farportal.
  6. Backup Guardians:
    1. Trollmire (floor 2)
    2. Kor'Pul (floor 3)
    3. Reknor (floor 4)
    4. Scintillating Caves (floor 3)
    5. The Maze (floor 2)
    6. Dreadfell (floor 1)
    7. Daikara (floor 4)
    8. Sandworm Lair (floor 1)
    9. Old Forest (floor 3)
    10. The Deep Bellow (floor 3) Dwarves only.
  7. Ancient Elven Ruins
  8. Sludgenest: Spawns after lvl 30 in 30% of all games (100% for Thalore)
  9. Tannen's Quest: Ask around Last Hope to unlock this.
  10. Shadow Crypt

The Prides

  1. Valley of the Moon: If you get the quest.
  2. The Orc Prides. Change order to suit your strengths.
    1. Gorbat Pride: Southern end of continent. (Wilders)
    2. Grushnak Pride: Northwest (Fighters) Don't enter the Slimy Pit.
    3. Vor Pride: Northeast (Mages)
    4. Rak'Shor Pride: Southwest (Necromancers)
  3. Eruan
  4. Slime Tunnels: Reached through Grushnak Pride.
  5. High Peak

Optional After Winning the Game

  1. Clear out the Sludgenest, if it spawned
  2. Return to Golem Graveyard.