Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.4 aka "Cabalistic Gesture"

My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.4 ! See http://te4.org/

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.

Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!


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Release highlights:

  • Performance improvements
  • Many bugfixes and improvements


Expanded changelist:

  • Zones can now be defined inside an addons /data folder and called upon like that: "addonname+zonename"
  • Preternatural Senses now provide stealth and invisibility vision
  • Corrosive Seeds use mindpower
  • Removed eidolon protection as it was not really working anyway
  • Fixed underwater door tiles
  • New option (on by default) to make the immediate melee targetting mode autoselect when there is only one foe
  • In immediate melee targetting mode '5' will select self
  • Huge Sandworm Tunneler will try very very hard to get to the exit. It truly is relentless !
  • Timed died/lifes left are shown on textual chardump
  • Psibalde mindpower & stats bonus work correctly when first activated
  • Conduit damage from Mindlash respects range
  • Fixed Acid Wave rune description
  • Trap cost is not refunded if the trap was triggered
  • Reload can be used while stealthed
  • The Possessed correctly drops an artifact
  • Entering the Iron Council from the worldmap places the player correctly
  • Adventurers start with a bow, sling and ammo for both
  • Reverted binaries to 1.0.1 ones to fix slugishness
  • Bone Shield does not deactivates when empty, instead bones regenerate slowly
  • Retribution goes on cooldown when it explodes
  • Fixed zero hp creatures sometimes not dying
  • Fixed Morrigor
  • Norgos the Frozen should be a bit more dangerous
  • Fixed Shadow Blindeside tooltip
  • Worn items in the hotkeys toolbar will be outlined as yellow
  • Fixed some randart powers not being applied
  • Clarified that Corrupted Negation requires a spell save check
  • Achievements are now classified in three kinds (important, first time, others) which can be filtered independantly
  • Achievements filtering config reseted to account for the new classification
  • Movement infusions and Lightning Speed can not be used while pinned down
  • Learning Flash Bang Trap from the merchant correctly removes gold
  • Fixed Gravitic Trap after a reload
  • Burning Hex doesnt make you explode on the levelup screen
  • Distortion effects now reduce physical resist
  • Reduced Forge Bellows and Dream Forge damage
  • Reduced Dream Forge radius
  • Solipsism now reduces a percentage of psi damage taken
  • Psinic channeling does not break on item or talent use anymore
  • Time Shield changed to heal you instead of damage you
  • Fixed Abyssal Horror tile
  • Syntax errors in superloaded files will correctly report in the log
  • Resting will wait for Bone Shield to replenish
  • Morrigor is now a one handed weapon
  • Whips have a 80% attack speed; also added whipping sounds for them

Have fun!

Good Work!

I am glad that development is still so active. The changes to time shield and solipsism look great and give me a great excuse to play more mages and solipsists. Keep up the good work, ToME is looking better than ever! (also, "Burning Hex doesnt make you explode on the levelup screen" is probably the most amusing bugfix I have seen in weeks)

Melee Change is Great!

'New option (on by default) to make the immediate melee targetting mode autoselect when there is only one foe'

I am pretty new here and I was getting used to having select monsters over and over, but this change is very nice indeed, especially for clearing lower level areas.


Stone Warden and Item Vault addons' version is still 1.0.3.

I haven't seen the linux

I haven't seen the linux launcher autoupdate. It still displays 1.03. Bug?

In any event, thanks!

Awesome update, launcher issue

Hey DG, awesome update, nice fixes! Noticed one issue when patching the game from 1.0.3, basically if you're using the no-music version (which I do as I prefer to listen to my own musics) the launcher will encounter 2 errors when validating the files boot-te4-1.0.3.team and tome-1.0.3.team and will fail to patch because in the no-music version the files are named the same but with no-music on the end.

No patcher on linux yet

No patcher on linux yet :/

Nomusic version cant be patched yes, jsut use the normal one and disable the musics in the ingame menu

Sirion, yes, their code didnt

Sirion, yes, their code didnt chance, no need to update

ah okay, thank you for the

ah okay, thank you for the quick response. Any chance we'll get the linux patcher eventually?

In any event, thank you. Both a tremendous roguelike and a tremendous linux game

Yeah working on it :)

Yeah working on it :)