Monetize you youtubers, monetize!

I, Nicolas "DarkGod" Casalini, hereby gives permission to ANY third party to use images and sounds from Tales of Maj'Eyal in “Let’s Play” videos, reviews, or any equivalent content on YouTube (

If you do choose to use images or sounds from Tales of Maj'Eyal on a video, I hereby request that you include the following copyright notice somewhere (no need to embed it in a video):

“Copyright © 2013 Nicolas Casalini”

This authorization is given if the video is monetized or contains advertisements or other commercial goals.

Furthermore, if you are affected by administrator removal of content which you have made due to the inclusion of Tales of Maj'Eyal content in a video, please contact me at so I can work with YouTube on your behalf.


Now my minions, go forth, spread the word of ToME upon the world and get us all filthy rich in the process! :)