What's next for Tales of Maj'Eyal! A lot, and then some!

Hello my minions!

Recently I was surprised to find some people wondering if Tales of Maj'Eyal was dead (as in not developed anymore). I was like "WTF??" because I knew it was not, quite the opposite in fact, but then I pondered some more and realized that I'm utterly bad at regularly communicating that fact! So let's try to improve on that with a Grand List Of What Is To Come (Possibly).

As usual I never give dates unless I'm sure. So always take this kind of things with a grain of salt, they may come in two days or two years :)

Release of patch 1.6 with huge changes

1.6 is the next free big (huge) patch for Tales of Maj'Eyal. I have already delayed it far too much as such it has grown into such a monster patch that I likely won't be able to list everything going in without forgetting many others. Still, here are a few of them:

  • Deep rework of early game balance, main goal being to reduce startup tediousness. This includes changes to difficulty, scaling, shops, drowning, items, ...
  • A ton of cosmetic options for all playable races (including the expansion ones). From many shades of skin colors, to haircuts, beards, tattoos, ...
  • Hugely improved NPC AI, smarter, better pathing, and so on. For MOAR GLORIOUS DEATHS!
  • Update of Doomed, Cursed, Wyrmics, Antimagic, Shadowblades, Prodigies, Corruptors, Reavers
  • Update to many randart powers and ego powers
  • A complete revision of runes, inscriptions and charms
  • Fixed bosses can now levelup in specific classes to keep the challenge up at higher levels/high difficulties
  • Revision of many debuffs
  • Melee weapon scaling revision to reign in on late game ultra high damage stupidity and buff early game low damage stupidity
  • A ton of misc changes, updates, revisions, ...
  • And the usual slew of bugfixes (and NEW bugs :) )

Embers of Rage free update with a new class: Annihilator

So you thought that when an expansion is released it's the end of its life? THINK AGAIN!
After 1.6, Embers of Rage will get an update with a whole new class for you to slaughter poor creatures with: The Annihilator! As its name suggests this is a class for peace-loving orcs!

Annihilators use steamguns and new heavy weapons (flamethrower, shockstaff and boltgun) to destroy their foes all while deploying automated steam turrets and even riding around in a mecharachnid suit!
A force to be reckoned with for sure!

Note to be clear: this is NOT the very next update to Embers of Rage, that one will be released at the same time as patch 1.6 along with an update to all expansions, just to update their systems for 1.6. Annihilators will come a little afterwards.

DarkGod turns evil: Microtransactions, but the good kind!

Don't go screaming bloody murder just yet please ;)
So let's say it upfront: no pay2win to be seen in there!

Now that this is said let's get into more fun details. So if there is no pay2win, what will there be?
Many things! Mostly fun and/or cosmetic stuff as could be expected:

  • Additional Online Item's Vault space. Any purchase of the game, expansions, donations, ... already provides vault space, but this is for even MOAR!
  • Various cosmetic themed packs. These will include shimmer appearances for most items, plus sometimes/usually additional cosmetic options for playable races. "But DarkGod, I want to have racial cosmetic options without giving you more money!" Well, fear not for 1.6 does bring in a ton of those for free anyway. The more, the merrier!
  • Community events! Now for something a little different. In Tales of Maj'Eyal community events are temporary stuff that are sent by the server to any currently playing character. The server randomly sends two of those, called the Bearscape and the Lost Land of Poosh, to players automatically. There are many more, like seasonal ones, or ones only I can push when I feel like it. Now players will be able to acquire the ability to trigger either the Bearscape or Poosh themselves, in addition to the random server pushes that are not changing. But wait there is more! They are still community events, so whenever somebody buys and triggers one, all players currently online will benefit!
  • I don't like pay2win. I really really don't. So instead of doing pay2win, I've decided to add a pay2die system instead! If you think your character is too strong, that nothing can kill you as you stride effortlessly through the toughest of foes, just buy this option and get a few level 500 god-level horrors randbosses summoned on you! Death is guaranteed! You can even boast online by showing off what horrible horrible creatures are about to kill you!

As for why I'm adding this now; well this is less fun but I prefer to be honest as for why I'm doing it so...
In last October Steam had a glitch in their algorithm, which effect lasted for months and for many can still be felt today. Basically the algorithm suggesting games had gone bonkers and unless your game was an AAA or super indie it sank to the bottomless depths of hell. Many indie devs, including me, had their revenue cut by like 50+% (sometimes much more).
Valve told us this was not intentional and I truly believe them; they've always been very nice people when I needed them so I have no reason to doubt their word. But still, it made me realize that I am so dependent on Steam. This kind of made me enter panic mode, I was mentally unwell for some time I must admit. Maybe I'm too fearful, a scared little boy or whatever but still that's how I feel/felt.
So I've pondered about additional revenue streams and I remembered about some players that kept asking to be able to buy more vault space and cosmetics. So finally after many years I caved in and the rest is (future) history!

And to be perfectly clear: this is just a way for people who want to support the game to do so while getting a few cosmetic/fun stuff out of it. The game itself is free/cheap and will keep on being so because making my game accessible to more people is something I truly believe in. Also I'm an evil god of darkness, thus I want to reach as many minions as possible; you know to eat their souls and stuff... :)

Next expansion announcement: The Lost Land

And last but certainly not least... A new expansion! And not a small one at that. For a long time now I've only announced expansions when they were very nearly finished. This time I'm trying another way and instead I'm teasing it early on. As you can see on the teaser, no ingame art exists yet but many sketches. The lore, zones, foes, stories, ... are all roughly defined and being implemented. The new races and classes are already half-way done.
Still it'll be a long way until release, which will obviously happen in exactly 1DGTU!

"But DarkGod, you didn't tell us what it is ABOUT!" Fear not my brave minion, I'm coming to that!
I can not yet reveal too much about it, and keep in mind anything can change, but here are some key facts for your pleasure:

  • It is set on the continent of Tar'Eyal, to the south of Maj'Eyal, which you can already glimpse at the shores on the southern point of Shaloren lands ingame.
  • Two prominent forces on the continent: the Great and Bountiful Undeath Empire and the Saupur Imperium
  • The continent has been shielded from the outside by a mysterious shield for millennia
  • It features a "half-campaign". It happens at the same time as Age of Ascendancy, the player starts on Tar'Eyal and it replaces the first half of the normal game.
  • About 15ish zones planned, perhaps more
  • At least two new classes: Dust Mages and Gravelords. It is very likely at least a third one will be added.
  • At least six new races: Risens, Vessels, Vampires, Exarchs, Saurpurs (two kinds, reptilian and draconic). And possibly more!
  • The usual tons of new lore, artifacts, npcs, achievements, quests, ...

To be on trend

So it seems like every single content creator is on Patreon but me. Well, I suppose I need to fix that then!
Joking aside, I've been asked many times if I could provide alternatives to Paypal for donations because well, some (many?) people are not fond of it at all. Lately Patreon announced they'd change their fees, except for people that got on before May, so I thought "Hey, I suppose it's as good as time as ever".
Now this is a bit of a different Patreon page than people are used to. In the spirit of always trying to keep things fair for every players, no matter where they buy the game/donate, I've decided that all the different pledge tiers would never entail players to anything special. Instead the system will simply count all the money that has been received from a pledge and add it to the voratun coins on te4.org. Just like any other donations. Patreon pledgers will get a blue name in the chat like any other recurring donation setups.
I know this is likely to lose me some pledges, but I think being fair to everybody is more important.
You can find the Patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/darkgodone

The Future: new rendering engine

For a very long time now I've had a side project: upgrading the display code used by T-Engine4.
When I started making the game it was my very first OpenGL project, so as you can imagine the code sucked royally.
It has gotten better over time but it still follows the same principles I first implemented, and frankly, they suck.

Some time ago I spoke about porting the game to tablets & phones, this presents a lot of UI challenges as Tales of Maj'Eyal is just a wee bit more complex than your usual phone game. But it also presents code problems as the current way of doing OpenGL just does not cut it.

The new rendering code is meant to alleviate this problem. It's a very long project because it means rewriting so much code and because the new code is not the same even in concept. The worst part about this project is that, on the surface, the user will see very little change from all of this. Apart from a somewhat better font handling and some smoother animations, the primary changes will be a new particle system, and a visual editor to implement them.

Still it's a lot of thankless invisible work, but it is needed to ensure the future of the game :)

The Other Future: translation?

This is even more hypothetical but something I've also worked on a bit, adding a translation layer to the engine to make it available in multiple languages. This is a huge undertaking and unlikely to come fast, if at all, but it would be so nice, wouldn't it?

Final Words: the DarkGod has spoken!

And there you go, you know of some of the projects being worked on/thought about. Do note that those are only the relative short-term stuff, ideas are certainly not something I lack ;) As I have said many times, Tales of Maj'Eyal is my baby, I love it and I do not plan on stopping as long as the community supports me with love (and sadly, money too as this is the real world :/ ).

Thanks to all of you and I hope you'll love what comes next, and then what comes afterwards and ... and ... well you get the idea :)

An impressive path

I have to say, I'm looking forward to the updates. The annihilator sounds like the class I had been really hoping to see from Embers (Sawbutcher was unexpected but very fun), and I'm glad that it is indeed in the works.

The expansion sounds amazing, though it looks like its closer to 2 years plus than 2 days out.

Personally I support the cosmetic microtransactions and such. It'll be great to have something spend V coins on, and I've always felt they're a great middle ground of the developer being able to make more money and the players not feeling pressured to throw money at them just to play the game.


That's great, thanks for the update! Can't wait to see what new ways we can show support for the game, maybe with some new colored names in chat *hint hint*?

Love those news posts!

Oh, Darkgod, think of the hearts and minds you'd soothe if you made these kinds of posts more often... Still, awesome, awesome update, the only thing that would excite me more would be a playable naga race and more spiders!

Melee reworks

Hey, first of all, I love what you are doing. Just reading about it makes me hyped for this update. But I would like to ask you a question about reworks. (disclaimer, I suck at the game so probably I'm not best person to discuss this) I would like to know if you were playing around with bulwark having his block as a toggle since right now I can't find anybody using/maxing its counter ability and as a shield character I feel like this would be in its character. Even in guides they say to use block maybe just in early stages of the game.


I can dedicate my life to ToME for another year or two(+) with just this!
I'm assuming the spydre dlc would come after the undead one.. or perhaps spydre would be closer to demon dlc and come before undead dlc? Hopes, hopes.
In any case, kudos to amazing work as always DG!

Understatement of the year

>just a wee bit more complex than your usual phone game


Super stoked for all of this.

Super stoked for all of this. I hadn't given up on you yet, but I was wondering why you'd been so quiet :)


I'm not in a position to donate or anything, but I just want to say to you DarkGod, you're awesome keep up the good work.

I can't think of many developers with such a decent stance on p2w and treating players fairly, communicating with audience, updating the base games /and/ expansions for no extra fee, etc.

You're doing a great job, despite difficulties you may be having in life, and that should be recognised!


I like it :)

I don't like the microtransactions

I am really against microtransactions and whatnot but this game is just too great not to support. I am personally indifferent when it comes to the item vault but I wouldn't mind forking out additional cash in support for cosmetics granting that they will be sold in a pack. Like lets say 10 cosmetic stuff for $5 or something like that rather than individually like you get this hat for 50 voratun coins and this armour for 500 coins. To be honest I would personally give a huge sum upfront rather than trickled in microtransactions.

Other than that I am so happy to finally hear some news. I am looking forward for the next expansion. I also hope there is a chance that this can get ported to switch. Like this would be so awesome on the go.

Aww thanks :) And it is not

Aww thanks :) And it is not going to be a MTX per cosmetic item, that'd be silly :) It's a MTX per pack of cosmetic items; like say the pyromaniac pack with one or more cosmetic item per item types, plus a few other things sometimes like new hairs, beards, ... I'm not sure on the price yet; ideas welcome :)

Any chance I can just fork

Any chance I can just fork over lets say $100 or something now and get a "season pass" for the cosmetics? I wanna get that out of the way and then just continue supporting you by buying every new expansion twice over steam and GOG like I have been doing since embers.

On a serious note, don't mind packs but for convenience I would appreciate the option of getting all available packs upfront than slowly getting them. But then again there is this game called Logistical on steam that offers an all-in-one pack where you can buy all available DLCs at the current point in time at a discounted price. Once you purchased that pack, the other DLCs released in the future can be purchased at a discount through how steam offers you discounted price for completing their bundles.

At the end of the day, whatever the price may be as long as it isn't predatory then I will support you all the way since your releases have always been high quality content that gives bang for your buck.

Well you can do a 100€

Well you can do a 100€ donation right now if you wish and buy stuff with the voratun coins as they release:)
And no we cant release all packs at once for the simple reason they take time to make :)

Maybe stating the obvious

I think what he wants, is to give you money and then have an easy system of adding the packs other then one a a time, ideally like a prepurchase of all items for this much(X) money (X is = to cost of all pay2tobepretty packs), which as each one gets released is then added to his game without him hunting them down, I think his backup plan would be a button to add all non bought packs to his basket and buy in bulk.

I hope this is helpful for you two and not stated the obvious :D (I have a tendency to do that).

Adjustments for Infinite dungeon

When I play infinite dungeon,

Buff-removing/ effect-removing talents are just too powerful at high level(80+)

Regardless of how many buffs I have, they just vaporize with enemy's disperse magic. And my poor naked character dies in few turns.

Same as antimagic talents.

I think Disperse magic/Entropy or similor talents should be subject of saving, and ther effect should be nerfted at high level .
because they eliminate conterplay

No No No

DarkGod... DarkGod...

You are a master when we are speaking about your game. But... I am sorry... You are not so good with your marketing talents :-p.

No news for 6 month. And then you publish a Giant post with at least 5 huge news (1.6, Annihilator, (microtransactions), new DLC, Engine)...

You could have published 1 news/month since November 2018.

Still, I am really happy to hear from you. I too was thinking that tome was maybe not updated anymore...

(And it's even more important on steam. With all the "abandonwares" there , steam users are now used to check the news/forum to see if the dev are still alive/active or not, before buying something. I never thought that a game like TOME with such a high evaluation score could be "Non suggested" by steam.... It's crazy... Such a great great game).

Welcome to the club of talkative gods!

Oh, thy Great and Dark God!
We thy humble servents welcome your speech and will spread praises to you even harder!

Jokes aside, I'm really happy that you're back to us and cleansed all our fears =)

a humble comment

since I knew this game thanks to linux, it became one of my favorites and although my language is Spanish, it was not an impediment to fall in love and get addicted to ToME, I hope to see a translation in the future.

Greetings from Venezuela, DarkGod. :)

Love the game

Having a great time with the game and glad to see it has so much more to come. Thank you for your hard work!


Damn I've been making a very similar Mechanic class on and off since April 2017 I just keep on losing motivation when I come across a major problem when coding the skills. I honestly don't even know where to start with when coding the more unique skills like embarking and disembarking a mech.
By the description Annihilator sounds like it plays like a steam powered summoner with many summonable limited purpose robots while my Mechanic class was written up as a steam powered Alchemist with only one robot that is extremely versatile with a lot of different modes and upgrades. I'll have to wait and see if the play style is different enough to bother continuing making the class or whether I should start focusing on one of the other class ideas I have written up a partial design document for.

Each DLC Eats Into Addon Limit

Have mercy on me Dark God but would it be possible for those that have purchased all DLC to get a combined /merged version of them?
Each one seems to lower my addon limit. I wish there was a way to easily merge addons, or combine them into one addon file. temporarily. Maybe store them all in a different folder(because you have to update each file individually overtime as modders update their mods) and in the addon folder have one file that it has to load to see them all. This would greatly increase the amount of DLC and/or addons I can have.

On Another topic if someone could make a class or classes or artifact that works like the Weapons from The Rising of the shield Hero that would be amazing.

Second the idea

..about easier DLC/add-on management. I've never come close to the limit, but I want to live in a world where I can go crazy with my add-ons if the mood hits.

Incidentally, you don't have to manually update the add-ons. There's a function on the add-on screen to do it automatically. I don't use it simply because I've had too many incidents of an updated add-on breaking my game, but the option is available.


Can you tell an estimated date of 1.6 release?


Sweet stuff!
Any plans on the mobile port on Android? Like I said years ago I strongly believe the game would sell well on mobile if it's somehow possible to make a proper port of the game.

And the fact that I haven't had a proper computer in years so I haven't gotten to play the game anymore.

The Roadmap Looks Amazing!

DarkGod, I think I love you! I'm already very damned impressed with this game, and seeing this list above just excites me more. I think this game will just grow even more amazing over time with your attention to detail and ideas! Thank you!

Not a good decision.

I'm gonna be totally honest, I hate these new microtransactions and have changed my 5-year positive review to a negative.

Everything should be unlockable just by playing the game. That includes cosmetics and the option to spawn the overpowered gods to kill you. The events? Not so much, they're random and can be triggered by anyone whenever. But cosmetics/client-side effects should *always* be unlockable just by playing.

I was looking forward to unlocking all of the achievements for this, but I'll now be leaving this game for good and playing something else.

A nice revisit

It was nice to revisit this post right after the 1.7 release and 18 months after the date it was posted.
Interesting to see what has already come to fruition, and what having an idea of what could still be in the works.

Thank you for your continuous support of this game, keep up the good work!