it's quite dark

I think i'm in a maze. Doesn't look like the "secret town to the southwest" to me...

Single line posts


I think it would be better if you posted your ongoing log (which is nice to do) in the same blog post, put them as additional comments as you go :)

single line posts

Noted. Is 1 post per character, updated periodically OK?

Fine :)

Fine :)

Eden the Rogue

You should read the story of Eden on the forum or here:

"This looks like the way to Angolwen," Eden said to himself, "Some grandure! You’d think a city of mages would have a better entrance; this is barely a hole in the ground!"

"Now, I just need to find a signpost… geez, Angolwen’s a freakin’ labyrinth."


That's a beautiful example of a ditl obviously from an older version of TOME, but still great. It's a shame the spammers found it.


Have been dealt with :)