archmage venture 4

Beat the Master. Unlocked Ghouls. He dropped the choker of dread! And a staff of absorption. Hey this looks handy, i can actually use it with a shield, i wonder why the item description says "i dare not use it myself". Oh well there are 2 vaults in the same level, i hope i won't die in there, some vaults are really hard. First vault was ok, second one is FULL of storm dragons accompagned with an elder wyrm that keeps churnign more, first turn i was surrounded by 4 drakelings, i should teleport and recall the hell outta here. But then again it's good XP. Blinded them, Inferno'd them from a distance, gained 1/3 of a level, picked up a LOT of gold from the spawned drakelings, got the achievement for 1 000 pieces. When the stream of drakelings ended i walked into the vault, saw the elite wyrm, cast some more blinds and flames, it veered off the end of my light radius, and when i dispatched it was nowhere to be found. Huh.

mbush! Dispatched of. Man, the scale Mail of Kroltar really was worth the Str investment. This staff must REALLY be important. A pity that when i first tried to use it i was silenced and nothing happened. I'll have to test what it does again. Waited ~400 turns. Oh, turns out it does nothing. And it uses up the 1000 turn timer. Great.

Oh hey i'm level 35 now, wow, 3 levels for killing the orc boss, not bad! I really don't know what to do with my generic points, i've maxed heal, Restoration and Nature's Call. And, to be perfectly honest, i totally forgot about them in this boss battle. Tidal Wave sure saved me though, i should try maxing it next.

Going back home to dump some stuff i run across a new dungeon called the spellblaze. No harm can come of this, i recently found the fire dragon shield, if there are blazes it should help. Wait, i got a random text message. I wonder what should i answer. Lol i ended up participating in a city siege! Well the corruptor guy died so this is pointless. At least some halfling dropped the Storm Bringer's Gauntles.

Meh, let's try those elven ruins instead. OK what the hell am i supposed to do with mummy wrappings?! Randomly found a fiery choker and the Bindings of the night at the third level. Oh, so wrappings is a kind of armor. No thanks, i'll stick with Kroltar thank you. Now the Fiery Choker lowers my cold resist but on the other hand the vampire ally has proved somewhat weak so far. Tough choice. Oh, well, found a portal to the surface. Looks like i killed a boss without kowing it. Guess it was one of those flamable mummies.

After visiting a couple of towns i lost the staff of absorption but i have e new dungeon to explore. Hope it's not too hard. It wasn't. Whoah, there's a blue @ following me! Oh, it just wants to chat and give me a scroll. Bah, i'll erad it later, there's still a room to explore. A bunch of portals and an artifact. Bah, it was an orange one. Let's read the scroll. Turns out i have to use the portal to go east.

Now i have to help an elf lady. I'm feeling quite railroaded. Personally elves have cost me far more lives than orcs and i'm inclined to wipe out the elf lady instead. But ok she unlocked a new class for me. OK, i'll let that slide. Look, a new world map. I should take a break.

How many games have you played?

Because erm... you're supposed to DIE against the ambush, not on your first time there kill the whole thing. LOL

Anyway, well done, you have to take the staff back to Last Hope. Though I am thinking your character may want to keep hold of it, you can't... it's THE PLOT PIECE. But without it you wont be able to continue the game.

So well played, and good luck going forward, sounds like you are a natural at roguelikes. Well done.

games played

I have created 12 characters since i first used an online profile and i guess i created another 30 or 40 before that. Wouldn't place it anything higher than 50. Most of them died whilei was figuring hte controls, trying to figure out which dungeons i should enter, why i should desperately look for stun resist granting items, why i should run away from skeleton mages if underleveled etc.

But to be honest it's been only 3 characters i've started taking things seriously, focusing on 1 class at a time (archmage in this case), creating an spreadsheet to track my talent distribution and eventually optimize it when i die (third time seems to be workign better), using the search forum's function to look for past other players' past experiences etc.

So, no, i'm no natural at roguelikes, i've yet to beat any. But Tome4 is taking it easy on me, no food counter & the option of having some additional lives in case of a momentary lack of attention and/or an small error of judgment, that's quite lenient.