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7drl 2013: The start

So if you don't know today the seven day rouge-like contest starts today, and like last year I am participating. So This year I am calling my game Iron and Steam (which tells you there will be iron and steam in the game). My vision currently is a version of mount and blade set in a steam punk world. You will also get to build steam powered robots. That and a wilderness map are the only 2 features I am sure about so yeah.... Regardless I am starting at 6pm est on 3/10 and have 168 hours. My progress and final attempts will be posted at http://te4.org/games/iron-and-steam . To my fellow participants I wish you the best of luck, and to all others enjoy the new rouge-likes.

7drl entry 2012 Bone Builder

Well after 6 or so days I have gotten my 7drl finished (there could be hidden stuff). The premise is you are a necromancer and you can build customizable undead. So you can select what arms and other body parts you can use. The game is short and is a coffee break rougelike so it would be nice if you could test it out.


here is the link to the forum thread where the module is available and you can post feedback. I have about 17 hours left from the time of posting so I can fix bugs and add tweaks

here is the module
and here is the standalone

Addons on the horizon

Well one of the big features of beta 35 is the addon system. This allows people to make content for tome but don't want to get it added to the main game. Addons should be compatible but there could be conflicts in fringe cases. to use an addon simply copy the folder to the addon directory in tomebetaXX/game. I have written two addons at this point in time ( my goblin race is converted to this format and the new Wraith race). Other addon(s) are being made so there should be a couple when release happens.

here are the two I have finished
Wraith: http://www.mediafire.com/?rwe69fkq1dghlrf
Goblin: http://www.mediafire.com/?20mc63pg12ar1en

I plan to convert everything I have done so far ( deathknight ,liches and some other stuff)
If enough people clamor/ask I am up to writing a tutorial for the new system (and creating content in general) for the wiki

The rise of Gladoc

This is sorta like a day in the life but is more of a backgound for Gladoc, the first deathknight. over the course of the story I will probaly bucher some history but hopefully not to much Preface/intro
  I guess it has been a long 26 centuries, full of pain, suffering and sacrifice.  By all the Shertul I never thought I would be around this long.  When I was growing up I was wondering if I was going to see the next full moon let alone my next birthday.  Now the idea of a few orcs posing any threat to me is just Laughable.  I, Gladoc, Death’s right hand man and one of the most powerful beings in this world.  I can count the number of people who pose a threat to me alone on one hand.  But back then I was Gladoc the farmhand incapable of fending off an even a lone wolf let alone an orc.  I was born in 7463 of the age of Allure – right before the famous spell blaze that has shaped the world.  And the spell blaze shaped me just as much.  It was the spell blaze that allowed me to become one of the greatest beings after the Shertul.   Like anything good I have paid the price for all of this power.  Friends have died around me and countless enemies have before me.  During the spell hunt I opposed those who try to extend their life beyond normal means and now I am just that.
Chapter 1: the beginnings of survival 
 During the first two decades of my life orcs where everywhere even though the war was around 50 years old.  You would think that after 50 years one side would lose but the humans stilled clung to victory.  At this point in the war there was no unified command to speak of.  Sure there was some lord with a few hundred troops under his command but that was about it.  The only thing that prevented them from winning was that the orcs had no leadership to speak of.  If Garkul had been around at this time there would be only orcs and trolls in the world.  
 I was born among some human farmers and was raised in the village of Erobrad until I was about 8.  The village had no defense besides the 30 or so farmer militia men.  It was pure luck that Erobrad had survived as long as it did.  While the town militia could fend off about 5 orcs without too much trouble.  But there where bands of orcs numbering in the 30-70 range that could have wiped out the village with no trouble.  You see two orcs could beat 3 human soldiers barely.  Those same orcs could take out 3-4 militia men if they were trying.  The orcs were just so much stronger than us and much better equipped and trained. Sure the orcs couldn’t make well-crafted weapons very well but that does matter when it is swung with enough force to cut a human in half.  The only thing that we had on our side was organization. This allowed us to survive from small bands of orcs that marauded the country side. 
 When I was eight Erobrad was destroyed,  completely destroyed.  One of the larger bands of orcs had located the town and decided it would be fun to loot it for that day’s entertainment.  I think there was 45 orcs in that band.  With the manpower at our disposal there was no way we could hold out. We would have better luck stopping a sword blow with our bare hands then stopping that attack.  To make matters worse they were able to surprise us.  They had  a few orcs capable of quietly eliminating the sentries the town had posted.  Then the rest of them came through the town with torches ready to burn everything.  When this happened I was at the town well drawing some water to make soup.  The adults told us if we heard orcs to find the nearest spot to hide in and hide until we saw another human.  Well I headed that advice and jumped into the nearest possible spot I could hide in: the well.  The town well was only about 20 feet until the water level.  After the drop I was able to cling to the walls and stay silent while listening to the town being butchered above me.  Hiding in the well did have one drawback though and that was the fact that the orcs dumped corpses down the well to poison the water.  The first corpse dropped was almost enough to startle me into giving away my position.  I lost track of the number of corpses they tossed down but it was enough to bury the water. 
 So here I am scared to death, wet and buried in corpses.  Sadly I was not strong enough to push aside any of the bodies trapping me in the well.  After two days of being trapped I began to lose conscious and was near death.    What happened next was pure luck.  Soldiers came to the town.  Even better was the fact that they needed the well.  So when they started pulling corpses up they found me.  The soldier who pulled me out of the well and stuck some bread down my mouth was Fioril, one of the younger soldiers in the company.  After I ate and drank a bit I was brought to the leader of the company: captain Murcyn.  I was given a simple decision – go with them as a cooks assistant or be abandoned in the wilds.                                      

Ranger Class

I decided to make a rogue/Wilder hybrid class. The class has four new trees in addition to already made trees. The idea for the character is to be highly mobile and fight only when you have an advantage. It is currently in development so talents may be bugged and particularly unbalanced. All but one of the talents are complete in a sense that they do what they are supposed to do.

Here are two forum post that relate to the ranger class. One of them has the download that you can use.

Any constructive feed back is welcome.

Thoughts on corruptors

Well after losing several characters and lives to elven blood mages and orc corruptors I figured it was time to try one (or a few as is the case). The first thing I found out was that willpower was useless. Despite the fact that their primary stats are Magic and Will, it more along the lines of Magic and Con. beginning game was the most annoying part to date. At that level the character has one way to gain Vim (blood sacrifice) and it only gives you 20-30 at early level and 20-30 is 1-2 spells (maybe three weak ones). blood sacrifice also has a 25 turn cool down so fights involve lots of running. Once drain is available this isn't so bad.
corruptors can hit really hard as most characters that have reached the far east have found out. They are generally better with bolt spells but they can do a respectable amount of AOE with the blood tree. The biggest problem is crowd control but I believe the curse and hex tree fills that role (also diseases) but I have not invested in them.
The blood tree is the best tree for corruptors. blood spray is a large cone attack that has a high chance on infecting the targets with disease. The really great thing about blood spray is at talent level 5 it has range 11. since LOS has been reduced to 10 it is now possible to fire outside you LOS. If you also have boots of speed you can do this almost indefinitely (this is how I killed the master).

I ramble more later about this as I get to the far east

warrior mage test/idea

Today when I recently started mages again I looked closely at some of the categories I never use. This lead me to look at stone skin and other close combat talents. I noticed that Stone Skin and Phantasmal Shield create an effect very similar the wyrmic ability Icy Skin. So I decided to try to play a mage character like a wyrmic or warrior. So far it bin pretty easy but I have not faced any hard bosses yet. The 2 times I have died was caused by my bad judgment and skeleton mages. Here is the character link:

If any one has any ideas of what I should try I am open to suggestions

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