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I'm giving up ....

... on Roguelike as a difficulty level. For now.

Honestly, maybe it's just too damn ambitious to believe, I could just waltz in here an beat this fine game the way it's 'meant' to be played, before ever having played through a few (dozen?) times on an easier level.

I mean, I really, REALLY used to be able to get to T2 with most of my characters. Get into the Fortress nearly every game. That was before my glorious run with a Drem Writhing One to level 50 ( followed by attempts to really break into the Orc campaign. Seems like I sorta lost all mojo, as I can't even get into the Fortress anymore.
These days, I'm running an (at least) 4 game streak of games with Zero (0) items to solve the breathing under water problem for Lake Nur. What's that tell you?

So anyway, 11 years and 5 weeks, and 309 characters (most all of them dead) I give in to advice you basically read all over the place: Start on Adventure, you clueless nit!

Wish me luck. :)

Edit: I finally have a Winner!
I'm pretty sure that Elemental Fury played a vital part in this, but either way, my drought is over!

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