Disappearing talents window text

This is a weird graphical glitch I've run into about five times now. Sometimes, seemingly at random, all the text in the talents tab down at the bottom right disappears -- I can still use my talents and hotkeys, but it's freakishly inconvenient. I've had about two of my chracters die after forgetting what was assigned to what key.

Sometimes the text comes back and disappears again, but usually it's permanently gone. The weirdest thing of all is that it appears to be tied to my save file -- If a character's text is missing, it doesn't mean thatit'll be missing on your other charatcers too.

What's going on? Is this what using infusions while suffering from infusion saturation does? Is it even a glitch? Can I get rid of it? Once the text came back after I added an infusion to one of my empty slots.

Whatever it is, it's a real pain.

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Thanks sooooooo much!

Thanks sooooooo much!

You're welcome :)

It took me a while to figure it out too