Silvertail the Level 18 Cornac Berserker

Ok, I'm pretty upset about this. I dunno if this is intentional or a well-known glitch or what, but I had just entered the sandworm nest when I had the tunnel collapse on me and died. Fair enough, but then I resurrected and was metaphorically turned into a fossilised vegetable. I was stuck in a sand wall, but my character never got a turn. The only thing I could do was manage my inventory. My character just sat there, unable to do anything, still trapped, for some reason never suffocating. Just watching the days fly by for all eternity. If I hadn't taken antimagic immediately beforehand I could've used my Rod of Recall, but given how the rest of my items were acting I doubt if it would've helped.

If it helps, I'm using version 3.9.20.

Without phase door or

Without phase door or teleport, if you get buried all you can do is wait for one of the worms to dig an empty space out next to you.

Wait one turn by pressing "5" on the keypad.

Not suffocating after resurrection does sound like a bug, but at least it wasn't hurting you. :)

You could also dig your own

You could also dig your own way out if you have a pick-axe or Burrow talent. (probably, anyway - never tried)

Thanks for the hint!

Thanks for the hint!

I know the feeling

I was on top of the world with my level 19 zerker. He was unstoppable, until some unsavory knockback landed him into the sand and sealed my fate.

My first time ever being to that place, so now I know for next time.