Things that eat at me at night.

I lay awake at night wondering if Stone Wardens will ever get any love. They just want to play with psi-blades, but the universe hates that. How come no bikini achievements for Steam? How to properly position overpowered greater multi-hued wyrms to guard your armory.

Re: Things that Eat at Me at Night

Stone Wardens have a lot of abilities that count as spells... So how would they get good* psiblades anyways?

I'm sure the bikini thing is unintentional, you might want to report that to the forums.

As for Wyrms... I'm sure some bribery is involved. "C'mere Rex, cmon and get your treat human!"
Or maybe they lift them up in cranes and just set them in there.

  • .80 mastery is bad. Zigur or bust.


Access to Zigur is toggled if you have no magical resource bar (=vim, mana, pos. en., neg. en., paradox, souls) when first entering the world map, i.e. if you dont have any abilities that use these at that point.
Thus to get psiblades from zigur you can just unlearn all relevant abilities at level 1 and relearn them after you entered the world map once (note that you do not necessarily have to unlearn all spells, just all spells that use those resources).
The only classes where this doesnt work are alchemist and necromancer as far as i know, since they have non-unlearnable resource using spells.


Well, stone wardens can get mana, but since they're dwarf it's kinda hard to not learn a single spell by the time you get out of Reknor.


Eh, I think it shouldnt be too bad I think, you still have vines and stoneshield, and I think stone spikes use no mana so you can learn that too.
EDIT: nvm that, forgot that eldritch stone isnt unlocked at start
EDIT2: also, it does use mana, in case anyone was confused.

You can just unlearn them

You can just unlearn them before you exit, then head to Zigur and grab psyblades.

what vault404 said

i've played a few antimagic SWs. they are very fun in my opinion, but they just don't work, the lua errors are unbearable.. check the forums to see bug reports about it.