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It's that time of the year again

here are some thoughts for the season:

when i look at the night sky it's all black, so dark!
but wait! what are those pinpricks? yes,
they're stars! little lights!

it's on earth as it is in heaven. loads of darkness but good people all over.
here on earth we are the lights. like candles.
but then, those candles do give light. like a match gives light in a dark room.

that's what i want to be, a candle. it's not much, but it's something.
wanna help out? together we can make it work. even if only in a small area.

i wish you all a happy xmas. may the light shine on you.
may the new year bring you rewards for your struggles.
and may you be blessed with love and happiness.

oops. i downloaded the linux compile instead of the source!

i used to compile the game myself as i'm using ubuntu lucid 64 bits and the linux was crash prone. today i accidentally downloaded the linux compile again. maybe this time the crash bug has been fixed. i will test it and report my findings.

who carries whom?

sometimes i try to imagine what my character looks like. which involves amusing things.

so what the monsters see is a huge tree trunk with a midge of the non-swarming kind attached to it. the midge being gwydion the halfling arcane blade...

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