who carries whom?

sometimes i try to imagine what my character looks like. which involves amusing things.

so what the monsters see is a huge tree trunk with a midge of the non-swarming kind attached to it. the midge being gwydion the halfling arcane blade...

Size limits

What, you want me to add equipment restriction based on size ? ;>

who carries whom?

no i don't. it just seems amusing. sorry, can't stop myself from ranting.


I also find it amusing. While a halfling using a tree trunk bigger than him/herself is unrealistic, complete realism is not fun. If size restrictions were introduced, certain race/class combinations would be next to imposable. Besides, such ridiculous sights are fairly common in the fantasy genera. Who can not name one character that wields a weapon that would be utterly impractical in reality?

Concerning weapon sizes

Have you not seen Japanese Anime cartoons, where the hero typically wears an 8 feet long, 1 foot wide great sword, and wields it with the ease of a foil.