Finally Saved the Girl

Finally saved Melinda from the corrupters, that damn quest has claimed more characters pride than any other. I think half of them die with that ignored scream still ringing in their ears. Level 23 Yeek summoner finally did it. The combination of dominate will and the ability to tie up multiple groups at once got me down to the girl and getting her out again was just a matter of safe summoning around corners to check for baddies. This dungeon made me fall in love with dominate, getting two companions out in the first actions was crucial to just about every encounter. It also made me realize the points I spent in war hound were a waste, the poor guys life doesn't scale at all. Even with maxed resilience he only has 196 which lets him pull off one hit before being toasted. All in all it was a lot of fun, and the most tense I've ever been during a video game.

She'd be easier to rescue if she wasn't insane.

My only character who ever managed to kill the 4 cultists within 30 turns was an archer. But then Melinda got killed when we were attempting to find the exit. Apparently being a prisoner of deranged cultists had sucked out her will to live. Or maybe she had Stockholm syndrome. She seemed to like taking arrows meant for cultists.

Thank Dark for Heal Other Skills

Her favorite trick was swinging in front of me while I was trying to distance summon something to save our lives. Which meant I got to switch places with her, eat a spell, and then summon my blocker. If I couldn't have healed her with nature spells it would have been impossible.

Meh, pickaxes are better

I saved her with my Summoner (being careful to have a few summons before going down the stairs).

But while I had a heal other talent, instead I used the talent to reveal the map from afar. Then it was a simple but tedious case of tunneling to the stairs.

Teleport works.

Don't know how it is in the very newest version, but in .18 I would simply lead her back behind the pillar where you start out, and then teleport away. She would stay there while I could clear a path through the crypt at leisure. Worked well enough.

Had an archmage in .19, by the way, who somehow reached level 30 when quest was first offered. And he _failed_, the acolytes had too many hitpoints to kill in the timeframe. I did not run to heal or anything, stood bravely and poured spells into them, had an area spell too but to no avail. R.I.P girl.