Randventurer Class

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Adds a new character class to the game: The Randventurer! Randventurers are similar to Adventurers, they can get any talent tree - except they don't get to pick which ones! At character creation they are given many semi-random talent trees, selected so that (hopefully) every character is playable and viable. Any talent tree that can be learned in the game has a chance of appearing on your character. To keep characters playable, randventurer does several things: Prevents conflicting weapon styles, Limits the number of stats used, Makes sure any requirements are met, Ensures any resources the character has are usable and many other small things. See the forums for more detail about Randventurers.

Most addons will work normally and have the talents chosen as part of the random character creation. The following addons have full support:
  • Stonewardens
  • Eternal Darkness
  • Verdant Class Pack
  • Midnight
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