MoRE--Transmute this!

Yesterday I introduced MoRE, the upcoming unofficial expansion module to the base ToME game, and told you a bit about it's history and purpose. In the next few days until release, I will be giving you a bit of a preview at some of the new things that will be included. Some of these features are already available for download separately, although none of them are, to my knowledge, based completely on the current ToME version. I will nonetheless provide links, just in case you can't wait to try some of these things out.

One of the keys words associated with alchemy is transmutation, the ability to turn one substance into another. ToME's alchemist has, however mostly focused other skills--until now. MoRE introduces the Transmutation tree for alchemists. Turn stone into mud and deadly acid. Leave a trail of destruction on your wake. Turn the very elements against your enemies. All this and more in the Transmutation tree for Alchemists.

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