Playable Mummy Race

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Adds Mummies as a new type of undead that cripple their enemies and overcome any obstacle.
They start out weak to fire, but quickly overcome that.
Part of Recaiden's Undead Race Pack

Embalming increases Strength and Willpower
Entangle wraps up an enemy, slowing them, with a low cooldown.
Inevitability wears away at the resistances of your enemies as your own resistances mount.
Uniquely, they have a small secondary racial tree that removes detrimental effects.

Mummies begin in their own starter zone, a low-level dungeon reminiscent of both the Blighted Scar and the Elven Ruins.

Mummies are initially locked, and unlock in a fairly obvious way.

2.0.0 Update for ToM'E version 1.6.0
-- Lowered exp penalty in line with other races
-- Inevitable can apply with all sources of damage, but more slowly.
-- Breath jar scales with attributes
-- Final racial ability strengthened
-- Bonuses for wearing the Ancient Elven Ruins artifacts
-- Some cosmetic options

1.3.0 Unlock condition added
-- Fixed typos
-- Only mummies skip to the bottom of the pyramid upon entry (since they had to fight their way up in the first place), other races begin at the top.
-- Guardian Golem nerfed, on higher difficulties giving him a fire attack and you fire-weakness was too harsh.

1.1.0 New Starter Zone
-- New zone exists and is functional, but somewhat unpolished. Be sure you kill the boss on the way out.

1.0.3 Fix for Resists and Defilers
-- Canopic - Breath no longer generates vim and requires level 12
-- fire resistance works on raw talent level (caps out at neutral 50%)
-- final racial talent renamed (too similar to brawler synergy generic)

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