Cat Point Cap Boost

Cat Point Cap Boost

Adds a new way to spend category points: click on the "Increase Caps" button to increase the level caps for *all* talents by 1, such that you can spend 6 points in each talent instead of 5. You can do this as many times as you have category points.
You still need to spend class/generic points to actually get any benefit out of the increased caps. To help with this - and make the option not strictly worse than increasing mastery - you get 2 bonus class and generic points when you increase the caps.

Also lets you see the description of the next talent level even when you are already at the current cap, so that you always know what increasing the cap will offer you.

Make sure to incessantly hassle Shibari to remove mastery boosting and replace it with this. (This addon leaves mastery boosting untouched for compatibility reasons.)


This addon non-destructively superloads:

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Cat Point Cap Boost 1.5.5 2018-02-28 07:23


I'm using this addon. Just for the information side of things. Not going to allow myself to spend 6 points, since that would make things much easier. Gross.


That is what you said. I think the addon is an interesting idea of usage for a cat point. I will try it sometime though.


Works with exponetial leveling and expirence controller. Does not work with adjustable exp/level or w/e. Not a big deal just posting so someone else may know