Class: Martyr

Class: Martyr

A new demented class, the Martyr.

This addon requires the Forbidden Cults DLC to function.

Unlike the magical folk of the Hidden Sanctuary, Martyrs' Insanity manifests in mental powers.
Martyrs mix together Sling and Melee combat, needing to use both (correctly timed with their current insanity) to succeed.
With time, they developed much stranger powers.

New Talents:
Demented / Chivalry: A special half-tree, focusing on your melee attacks
Demented / Vagabond: A special half-tree, focusing on the use of a sling
Demented / Whispers: The core tree, adjusting your stats as your insanity waxes and wanes and guiding you around the battlefield
Demented / Unsettling Words: Confuse and weaken your enemies
Demented / Scourge: Crippling, tormenting melee attacks
Demented / Standard-bearer: Control the battlefield with your glorious flags!

Advanced Talents:
Demented / Final Moment: Make use of a very special sword
Demented / Revelation: Horrors are all around you, and you're the only one who's prepared
Psionic / Crucible: Direct mental attacks. The more damage you take, the more damage you do!

Old Talents:
Cunning / Survival
Psionic / Feedback

Korean Translation by khelerd is included

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