Exponential Leveling

Exponential Leveling

ExpoLevel is an addon that changes the amount of points (stats, class, ..) and parameters (defense, regen, speed, ..) you gain upon EACH level up.


It works this way (there are two different modes inside):

    - When activated, start a New Game.
    - You will find under game options > gameplay, a new setting which can be set to two values: 1 (default) or 2.
    - If you don't touch the setting or set it ot "1", upon every level up you will receive a decent amount of extra points and params.
    - If you set it to two, reload the options menu (close and reopen or click on another tab) and you will find a second setting that can be set to 1, 2, 3 or 4.
    - Depending on what you choose, you will gain even more (or less) points and params per level up, or just extra HP instead.
        - Rulesets you can choose from are: (1) Only life / (2) High - much more points than original game / (3) Cheatmode - A real lot more / (4) Vanilla+ - Just a few more than the original game

You can change this setting any time at any place in the game, but beware that the new option will only take effect on future kills (its' not retroactive).

Update v3.0.0

  • Completely rewrote the code to nullify the performance impact. In general, instead of nullifying Tome default's level up values, this now "adds something" to the original.
  • Overhauled the values upon level up for each setting.
  • Removed the "lower than original tome" custom ruleset.
  • Added "only extra HP per level" custom ruleset.
  • Default mode has been rebalanced to be more challenging.
  • High ("very high" in v2) and Cheatmode ("godlike" in v2) have also been rebalanced.
  • Fixed a few typos, added a lot of comments if you want to use this addon as a base for yours.
  • Fixed a few bugs, like the negative values given at certain levels.
  • Arena now has it's own completely custom values for each mode and ruleset.
  • Infinite Dungeon now has it's own completely custom values (now also u) for each mode and ruleset.

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Name Module Version Required Released File
ExpoLevel v3.0 1.5.5 2018-03-21 21:18
Exponential Levelling v2.0.1 1.4.8 2016-08-15 18:38


Would be amazing if you add some options for this (like you have on your excellent expcontroller addon). Personally trying to make a game feel in-between this and vanilla. I don't have much money but could Paypal you a couple beers worth if its any help to you.

Good one

Hey there, glad to hear this suggestion! I'm already working on that for v2.0, however it's much more complicated than doing it for expcontroller. Planning to add 2 to 4 presets. Hope to release it by week's end :)

Cool! Thanks.

Cool! Thanks.

Bug in v1.3

At post-level 50 in Infinite Dungeon, the Stats started subtracting rather than adding.


Updated compability with infinite dungeon, you will keep leveling after lv50 with new bonuses (v1.3.1), this time it should work right.

cool thank you

You are a beautiful human being.

I'll look into that

I'll look into that

sadly too op and yes, it's

sadly too op and yes, it's prevent challendge. you can get lots of HP.

Sorry to hear that

Sorry that it prevented your challenge, but I suggest you to use it on higher diff. than nightmare.

oh it's not about blame,

oh it's not about blame, still good for learning game and class skills
but at lvl30-35 i upgraded everything including stats and points still coming from new lvls :)
kinda funny

oh so it's for nightmare+, so just a suggestion to warn people on normal mode to prevent boredom.
yes, there still noobs like me which playing on normal and dieng recently, especially on elites with +10 ranks from you :) with this mod is almost impossible to die. huge hp pool + fully upgraded defensive abilities on early lvls.


Didn't mean to offend or anything else, I was just suggesting to move forward to harder modes if the game seems too much easy. It happened to me in the past as well, but I believe this is also the only way to make Madness or Insane diff. possible for most class-races combination, and that's the main reason for this mod to exist :P

Infinite Dungeon post-50

Will you add support on this addon for post level 50 in the Infinite Dungeon?

Support added

v1.3 should add support for post-level 50 in infinite dungeon, if you encounter any bug please report it! Thanks

Might do it

Good idea, I'll look into it


Thanks for adding infinite dungeon support!