Improved Combat Text

Improved Combat Text

This addon replaces ToME's floating combat text:
- Shows the damage type (lightning, etc.) as icons or text!
- Text moves in a consistent direction and should be much easier to read than ToME's default for a variety of reasons.
- Can group damage for an entire player turn, or by every action taken - choose how much information you want to see!
- Various font sizes to choose from
- Various font coloring options (color by major damage type, use the default red / green, etc.)
- Text duration can be changed to fit your play style.
Icon credit for this addon goes to Lorc.

(if you like this addon, be sure to also check out my Map UI improvement, Easy Map!)

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Improved Combat Text 1.0.0 1.4.0 2017-02-14 00:08

This is one of my favourite

This is one of my favourite addons. It lets you tweak the combat text settings to highlight damage amount/type/percentages that you are focusing on. I used it with every character pre 1.5 release and hope it'll be updated again soon. It definitly adds to the ToME experience for me and I hope it is adopted by Darkgod. Cheers Codefly

please update for 1.5, game

please update for 1.5, game warn about version mismatch.

First time i tested on melee

First time i tested on melee and got too much text near character, so i disabled it.
But on ooozzzmancer it looks really good, thx for addon.

Just one suggestion - make option to show only your damage, tankish melee usually take alot from different sources so it's not really informative :)