Adds the Minstrel, a lightly armored duelist who uses the power of song to bolster strength and incapacitate foes. Implements 20 new abilities split across 5 ability trees and 2 additional artifacts (which form a set).

This is my first mod for ToME4, so if you encounter any bugs or balance issues, feel free to let me know!

The source code is available here: https://github.com/ArtixBot/tome4-minstrel

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Minstrel Class for ToME 1.5.5 2017-08-23 04:32

Some feedback

Hi! I really like the thematics of this class, and hope you feel encouraged to continue working on it. It's a great baseline to work from! Some thoughts:
- The descriptions are written somewhat vaguely, and to me it was hard understanding what did what. For example, compare Battle Ballads to the mechanically similar Chants. I think the color coding might also make it a bit worse, as it's just so much going on visually.
- The class is very spread out in stats; the talents rely on Dex, Cun and Will, while using weapons requiring Dex and Str. I think Battle Ballads could be cunning as well, and also:
- There should probably be some skill that allows you to use Cun instead of Str for daggers.
- ... and more of a side-note, but I'd love to see some support for wielding a single one-handed weapon with no off-hand. It would be a great fit for a flamboyant, musical scoundrel, whether it's a sword or whip.

A suggestion

Seems like this class should have some form of "using cunning instead of strength, with daggers".
Otherwise, you're a melee combat class with much lower scaling on your primary weapons than most, as you already need 3 stats for the class's skills and abilities.

Lethality's coming next

Yeah, I'm planning to add the Lethality tree in the next update. That should give you the option of using Cunning instead of Strength for daggers.