Adds a new celestial subclass proficient in the Celestial Talent Trees Moonlight, Star Fury, Light and Hymns and the Spell Talent Trees Phantasm, Water, Nightfall and Divination.

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Final Moon-Mage 1.2.5 2014-11-08 01:32


This is one of my favorite classes, by far; too bad it seems to be abandoned :/


I'm curious: what is it that you like about the class, and would like to see added in further development?

This is a very simple addon, you could make something almost identical using the Adventurer class, and even its unique tree is just a type-swapped version of the anorithil Light spells. Now, it clearly does have thematic consistency, combining talents from the base game's two Darkness casters, but...what are you hoping for?

Great addon

The Moon-Mage has become my favorite class. I hope you continue to develop this, it's a great addon and class! Thank you.