Revamped Alchemist

Revamped Alchemist

Revamps the Alchemist class.

The main focus of this revamp is to make Alchemist less centralized on Throw Bomb and a single damage type. Channel Staff and melee for alchemists are significantly improved.
Additionally, gem micromanagement is eliminated; alchemist gems no longer exist and alchemists' talents no longer use or consume ammo.

Main features:
- Alchemist gems are gone. Throw Bomb, Refit Golem, etc. no longer consume ammunition.
- Alchemy infusions are no longer mutually exclusive. Instead of changing the damage type of the entire alchemist bomb, they add a small amount of extra damage to alchemist bombs, Channel Staff, and melee attacks.
- Throw Bomb no longer has friendly fire. Alchemist Protection is replaced with a talent that allows you to pick a special effect for your bombs (such as knockback).
- More talents benefit from mastery
- A new Staff Techniques tree

Full change list:
- Acid Infusion, Fire Infusion, Frost Infusion, and Lightning Infusion:

  - These sustains are no longer mutually exclusive.
  - These sustains no longer change the damage type of Throw Bomb.
  - These sustains no longer provide elemental damage increases.
  - These sustains now *add* acid, cold, fire burn, and lightning damage to Throw Bomb, Channel Staff, and melee attacks.
  - These sustains now have cooldowns of 10 (from 30) and sustain mana costs of 50 (from 30).
  - No more blinding/freezing/dazing from these talents.

- Alchemist Protection:
  - Replaced with new talent, Pyrotechnics, which lets you select a special effect for your bombs

- Body of Fire:
  - No longer provides on_melee_hit
  - Resistance no longer depends on spellpower
  - No longer drains mana
  - Sustain mana cost reduced to 100 (from 250)
  - Fixed sustain bug
  - Made description more accurate

- Channel Staff:
  - Now indicates its actual damage in the description

- Create Alchemist Gems:
  - Removed

- Explosion Expert:
  - Now benefits from mastery
  - Now computes the number of squares correctly
  - Different formula for scaling damage bonus (it is now linear with the number of squares not hit)
  - Damage bonus is now shown when targeting Throw Bomb

- Gem Portal:
  - Replaced with new talent, Rapid Decomposition, which lets you shatter a wall - or your golem

- Ice Core:
  - Resistance no longer depends on spellpower
  - Now gives the amount of resistance it claims to, instead of only 60% of what it claims
  - Made description more accurate
  - Fixed sustain bug

- Living Lightning:
  - Range is always 6 (also fixes bolts of lighting being fired at nothing)
  - Fixed sustain bug

- Refit Golem:
  - No longer uses ammunition

- Reflective Skin:
  - Got as close to fixing the sustain bug as possible

- Shockwave Bomb:
  - Replaced with new talent, Elixir, which heals you and your golem when you throw a bomb

- Throw Bomb:
  - No longer has friendly fire
  - No longer uses ammunition
  - Range formula changed, now benefits from mastery
  - Damage formula changed

- Thunderclap:
  - Now confuses instead of knocking back and disarming.

- New Staff Techniques tree:
  - Pole Vault: Jump into or out of melee with an attack
  - Steady Hands (passive): Improved accuracy based on Spellpower, disarm immunity
  - High Guard (passive): Flat damage reduction for your staff's damage type(s)
  - Half-Staff (passive): Awful pun, improved attack speed with staves, extends range of Channel Staff and makes it a beam

- Alchemist now has a life rating of 0 instead of -1
- Alchemist now has +3 Wil, +1 Con instead of +3 Con, +1 Wil
- Alchemist now begins with Combat Training unlocked at 1.00 mastery
- Improved Alchemist description a bit

As in vanilla, talent icons are from .

Sound credits: CC-BY-NC 3.0 CC-BY 3.0 CC 0 CC-BY 3.0


This probably won't work with other addons that severely mess with Alchemist or
Staff Combat.

This addon superloads the following functions non-intrusively:


- Initial release

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Tooltip fix, Elixir change 1.5.5 2017-08-20 03:04
Thunderclap fix 1.5.5 2017-08-16 20:25
Revamped Alchemist 1.0.1 1.5.5 2017-08-15 01:59
Revamped Alchemist 1.0.0 1.5.5 2017-08-14 01:35

Small possible suggestion -

Small possible suggestion - maybe set refit golem to be a talent that just requires a standard turn to use? The golem is weak enough that this honestly isn't going to improve the class that much, and it would reduce a bit more of the annoyance factor.

I'm not sure how I feel about the physical bomb damage component being so large - I guess it makes logical sense, but I'm wondering what happens if you run into something with extremely high phys resist? I'd love if there were basically, a "channel staff" equivalent for the bomb damage, that let you alter between learned talents.

Also, I'm just curious why you don't have you add-ons uploaded to steam?

Fire burn damage and this

I like these changes overall. They make alchemist a lot less fiddly. While you lose a little immersion from not switching damage types entirely and having various special effects as part of that, it's so much smoother to play.

I have one thing I'm unsure or dislike about it though, and also a suggestion:

Fire damage, as fire burn type, doesn't do all of its damage in one go. Instead, it does about 75%? in the first hit and then spreads the rest over three turns. This seems to make it just worse than the other two you can choose to start with.

If Alchemist had something that synergized well with burning, that would probably be fine - but it has nothing, indeed, Smoke Cloud arguably has a strongly negative synergy with tiny amounts of burning damage like this.

Edit: It appears the fire burn also removes the daze from everything hit by the aluminium bomb fuel as well.

Perhaps the fire infusion should just deal the fire damage immediately? If not, should it do slightly more damage overall to make up for this?

Either way - is it possible to easily change Smoke Cloud to not evaporate when something burns inside it, but instead evaporate when a bomb (ideally a bomb doing fire type damage) is exploded inside it, and inflict heavy burning on everything? That would allow fire specced alchemists to still do burning damage, give Smoke Cloud a reason to be good when you're fire type instead of almost always being wasted on extending a trivial amount of burn, and make it easier to use.