Revamped Anorithil

Revamped Anorithil

Revamps the Anorithil class.

The primary feature of the revamp is a change to Anorithil's resource mechanics. Instead of positive and negative energy, it has "alignment" that flips between darkness and light. Many talents are changed, replaced, added, and removed, with modernized talent icons and new sounds.

The design goal is a spellcaster class that is rewarded for staying in sustained fights, so they have several damage-over-time talents, lots of healing, and aren't in danger of running out of resources. Like in vanilla, they are well-equipped to take advantage of "talent on hit (spell)" equipment.

As in vanilla, all talent icons are from .

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- This version is not compatible with saves from older versions!
- Bug fix: EFF_SEARED renamed to EFF_SUNSEARED to prevent Embers of Rage conflict
- Bug fix: Traps and similar obscure entities inflicting light and dark damage will no longer cause errors
- Text fix
- Alignment is now indicated in the Classic UI
- Renamed some other talents to guard against future conflicts
- Clones can now use Solar Focus
- Experimental, hacky way of making spells of the wrong alignment show as disabled, while still allowing you to use the targeter

- Bug fix: Anorithil talents are now affected by silence
- Substantially nerfed Jumpgate but hopefully made it more convenient to use. There is no more second Jumpgate, and instead of having a maximum range, the accuracy of the teleport decreases with distance.
- Shadow Simulacrum is renamed to Twilight Simulacrum and now works on all ranks and has light and darkness affinity, but gets fixed life (by your spellpower and talent level), reduced damage, and a shorter duration
- Nerfed Blue Hour passives
- Slightly nerfed Solar Flares and Moonlight Ray damage
- Slightly buffed Shadow Blast damage and increased its range
- Increased Twilight Surge damage
- Reduced cooldowns of Star Song and Corona
- Slightly buffed Intercalation
- Hymn Nocturnalist now gives hymn cooldown reduction instead of silence immunity (was redundant with Circle of Sanctity)
- Circles' durations no longer crit
- Celestial / Light talents no longer grant the positive energy resource bar (since they don't actually use it)
- Alignment now has a tooltip

- Bug fix: Jumpgate now deactivates when changing levels
- Solar Focus is now broken if the beam can't be projected (fixes weird behaviour with translucent walls)

- Fixed Selenelion critical power bonus being 100x greater than intended (yay for inconsistency...)

- Fixed some code that I accidentally put in the wrong addon

- Initial release

Revamped Anorithil forum discussion thread
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Great work

I was wondering when I'd get to see this version of anorithil since I first came across the forum post about it (idk where it is now) so I was glad to see this addon. Haven't gotten past dreadfell yet, but a few things I noticed--

Is it intentional that investing in the third and fourth talent in hymns allows you to basically get permashield? (and a huge one too) I think the scaling on the third talent is too much since I get movespeed bonuses and shields on the level of endgame infusions and runes. Maybe the permashield thing can be kept, just not with a fat af shield, and let equinox overheal shields, or maybe the fat shield can stay but the duration shouldn't scale from three turns idk.

Also intercalation being a free hp, cleanse and cd management thing with no drawback whatsoever seems just too much I think. It does need investment in the tree to be powerful, but still idk. Maybe intercalation can grant the bonuses x times, but make the player lose the bonuses for y turns, x scaling larger and y scaling smaller. Just a thought.

I don't know if I sound presumptuous but I just tend to throw out things I notice and ideas when I really like a class/addon so there you have it. I like all the changes though, the new skills feel unique and has nice interaction, great addon overall, nice work.