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Geists are back, with three new trees, and a new name!

"Phantoms are mages who have made a dark bargain for power. Unlike Doomed, they have yet to fall, and for what little time they have left, the shadows themselves their ally. Can they avert the impending doom upon them, or will they be lost in the darkness?"

New skill trees!

Vile Tactics
Vile Aim: Aim for the enemies eyes, doing damage and having a chance to blind.
Shadowsense: See through the shadows, making stealth a bit easier to use!
Shadow Net: Throw out a net of shadows, doing damage and slowing.
Unveil: Some think they are the masters of the dark. Show them who's boss! Reveals enemies in the AoE, doing double damage to them in the process.

Dark Veil
Enveil: Hide in the shadows.
Veiled Strike: Shadowstrike!
Twist the Veil: Tiny range phase door that turns you entirely invisible for one turn, and resets the cooldown on Enveil.
Veiled Threats: Unseen Actions 2.0

Shadow Alliance: Standing near your shadows gives a boost to your stealth power.
Dark Exchange: Your mana fuels your mental strength, and your hatred fuels your magical might.
Unseen Heckler: Mock your foes from the shadows!
Shroud of Shadows: Embrace the darkness, gaining increased powers at the cost of draining away your mana.


v1.3 ~ A Deeper Dark

Minor(Except not really) changes
-Veiled Strikes is now Veiled Strike. The plural was weird.
(v1.35 ~ Capitalization is important)-changed combat.lua to Combat.lua, hopefully fixing the Veiled Strike problems once and for all.

Bug fixes
-Vile Aim now properly takes a turn.
-Unveil now properly takes a turn.

Balance changes
-Cunning/Dark Veil buffed from 1.0 mastery to 1.3(The shadowstrike/veiled strike bug forced me to keep it at 1.0 to sync the numbers. Not anymore!)
-Cursed/Gloom nerfed from 1.3 mastery to 1.2
-Cursed/Shadows nerfed from 1.3 mastery to 1.2
-Cursed/Cursed Aura added(locked) at 1.2 mastery. Hopefully this means that if you unlock Cursed Aura via the event, it'll unlock with 1.2 mastery.

Experimental changes(Looking for feedback on these!)
-Vile Aim reverted back to range 3, to match Veiled Strike's range. I'm not 100% sure on this, admittedly.
-Mana regen buffed from 0.5 to 2.5
-Mana rating nerfed from 5 to 4.


v1.4 A Minor Darkening

Tooltip fixes

-Unseen Heckler has a more fitting tooltip
-Vile Aim, Shadow Net and Unseen Heckler now properly note that they use mind crit. Trying to combine crit types is apparently super hard to do, sadly.
-Changed text spacing on Shadowsense and Unveil. They were sort of wonky before.

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